Kevin Hart Predicts Dwayne Johnson Would “Crash and Burn” Once He Becomes President of America


Set to star together in the next DC animated film DC League of Super-Pets. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are known to have great chemistry as friends and have become one of the most entertaining duos on the internet.

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Dwayne Johnson
The Rock as Black Adam in the upcoming DC film.

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First paired together in 2016’s Central Intelligence, the duo starred as old high school friends who end up going to their reunion. Since that movie, they have appeared in the two sequels of Jumanji and briefly featured together on The Fast and The Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw.

Dwayne Johnson for President?

Featuring in a segment of LADbible TV called ‘Agree to Disagree’, the guests respond to questions presented and discuss the topic with each other, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson also responded to many questions including whether pineapple is an appropriate topping for a pizza.


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Amongst all the questions asked, one which has garnered a lot of attention was whether the former pro wrestler could become president. While Dwayne Johnson disagreed, Kevin Hart agreed and jokingly said “I said it ’cause I wanna see the crash and burn, baby.”

Kevin Hart
Both the gym nuts, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are best friends in real life too.

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Commenting on the possibility, The Rock said while he does represent some leadership qualities, it doesn’t make him a good presidential candidate. Kevin Hart noted his thoughtful response but still felt The Rock could do it since he is a ‘put your mind to something accomplish’ guy.

The Rock’s ambitions

The box-office touchstone has flirted with the possibility of becoming the President for quite some time and claims to always do what the fans want. He stated in an interview with the Today show:


“I do have that goal to unite our country and I also feel that if this is what the people want, then I will do that..”

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Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson at a WWE event as ‘The Rock’

Furthermore, speaking to Vanity Fair in 2016, he promoted the possibility of becoming President, keeping hopes alive that he might run in the 2024 elections or future, he stated:


“I wouldn’t rule it out…. It would be a great opportunity to help people, so it’s possible. This past election shows that anything can happen.”

With the actor going back and forth on his thoughts on becoming President, it cannot be stated with certainty whether he will ever run, but with celebrities like Donald Trump becoming President, his chances do seem better.

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