Kevin Hart Freaked Out After Dwayne Johnson Almost Faced a Bad Accident Because of Him

Kevin Hart accidentally caused part of a roof to fall on Dwayne Johnson while filming a scene for the movie Central Intelligence.

Kevin Hart Freaked Out After Dwayne Johnson Almost Faced a Bad Accident Because of Him


  • Kevin Hart slammed a door too hard during a take, which caused the part of the roof to fall on Johnson's head.
  • Initially, Hart was extremely concerned and scared that Johnson may have been hurt badly in the accident.
  • However, once Johnson started laughing, Hart realized that Johnson was fine and found the situation funny in hindsight.
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Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have become quite the comedic duo in recent years. Fans of both actors have thoroughly enjoyed their partnership on and off the silver screen, never failing to crack their audiences up.


So when Kevin Hart thought he had caused the WWE star to have a major accident, Kevin Was concerned for his friend’s condition.

Kevin Hart and dwayne johnson
Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart attend the “Jumanji: The Next Level” UK Film Premiere (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Having shared the stage multiple times with each other, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart have developed a budding friendship, which usually involves name calling and witty (albeit crude) banter, which just goes to show how much they admire each other as friends. However, the accident left Kevin Hart scared out of his mind for his friend, who, despite his imposing physique, could have been badly hurt.


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How Kevin Hart told the fans about the accident

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

While on the set of New Line’s 2025 action comedy Central Intelligence, Kevin Hart slammed a door too hard during a take, causing a part of the roof to fall right on top of Dwayne Johnson. A video of the take, filmed on Hart’s phone filming the computer screen with the footage, was posted on Hart’s Facebook page. Hart commented below the video, tagging the Rock:

“I almost killed Dwayne The Rock Johnson on set yesterday….I can laugh my ass off now because he didn’t get hurt but I was scared as shit at first!!!!”

By his admission, Hart was extremely concerned about the Rock initially, only realizing that the latter was completely fine once the Rock started to laugh.


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Kevin Hart held himself responsible for the accident

Kevin Hart
Actor, Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart lays the sole responsibility for the accident on himself. In the scene depicted in the film, Hart was directed to enter the room and shut the door behind him. However, in the flow of the scene, Hart allegedly slammed the door too hard. A direct result of this was the part of the ceiling falling on Johnson’s head.

Kevin Hart’s reaction to the situation after viewing it in hindsight is humourous. Fans too have taken the whole situation in a light and comedic manner, as has become the identity of the duo. Needless to say, Kevin Hart was immensely relieved once he realized his friend was in no immediate need of medical assistance.


Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are yet to return to share the screen. However, Kevin Hart is all set to star in his upcoming 2024 heist comedy thriller, Lift, while Johnson gears up for the release of his action adventure Christmas film, Red One, scheduled to release this year.

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