Kevin Hart Out-Earned Best Friend Dwayne Johnson With Alleged $23M More in Earnings Despite Starring in Same Movie Together

Kevin Hart Out-Earned Best Friend Dwayne Johnson With Alleged $23M More in Earnings Despite Starring in Same Movie Together
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Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have had an ongoing friendship for as long as one can remember. Their relationship on-screen and off-screen is a sight to behold with just how amusing yet real it is. Both of them are massive actors in Hollywood and have earned fame and respect for their roles.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart

It is their movies together which spice things up even more. Their chemistry is so fluent and the two work exceptionally well with each other. Their movies together always turn out to be a soaring success and it would not be a surprise to see if fans gathered around just to see their work with each other. Although both are big stars, it would be a surprise to know who earned more in the movies they did together.

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Kevin Hart Earned More Than Dwayne Johnson After Central Intelligence

The first movie that Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson did together was Central Intelligence. The movie was what gave fans a taste of just how charismatic the duo can be. It created what could only be termed one of the most dynamic and fun duos in Hollywood. They did multiple movies together after 2016 including Jumanji and Super Pets. Central Intelligence became a box office hit with it making $35 Million in the opening weekend alone.

Will Jumanji 4 Be “The Final Chapter” of the Partnership Between the Rock and Kevin Hart? - The SportsRush
Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart

The success that Johnson had in that year led him to become the best-paid actor in Hollywood in 2016 with a whopping income of $64.5 Million. However, Hart made much more than him, $87.5 Million to be exact. This was possible as the comedian did over 100 stand-up shows where he earned $1 Million in almost all of them. Although for the movie itself, Johnson earned $14 Million and Hart earned $10 Million. Johnson’s total earnings came with him doing Fate of the Furious, Baywatch, and Central Intelligence. He earned $20 Million, $9 Million, and $14 Million for each respectively.

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Dwayne Johnson Earned Much More For The Jumanji Movies

Although 2016 was Kevin Hart’s year, Dwayne Johnson made far more in both Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji: The Next Level. The soft reboot saw an entirely new turn for the original Jumanji and it was a massive hit. Johnson ended up making $19 Million as well as a 20% back-end fee. Whereas Hart got $10 Million upfront with a 7% back-end fee.

Central Intelligence' Spotlights 'Terrific Chemistry' Between The Rock and Kevin Hart - ABC News
Dwayne Johnson with Kevin Hart

This was also because Johnson was a producer for the movie while Hart was only acting. The same went for both Karen Gillan and Jack Black. Johnson earned $23.5 Million for the sequel, however, there is no clarity on how much Kevin Hart earned.

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