Kevin Hart’s Borderlands Live-Action Adaptation Gets ‘Joss Whedon-ed’ as Deadpool Director Tim Miller Fills in to Replace Eli Roth

Tim Miller to film reshoots for Borderlands instead of Eli Roth.
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Borderlands is yet another movie adaptation of a game that will be released soon. Starring Kevin Hart, Cate Blanchett, and Jack Black; the movie was set to undergo reshoots prior to its release as per the standard procedure. However, due to scheduling conflicts with the director, another director would be taking over instead to make sure that the movie makes it to the theatres in time.

A still from the Borderlands game

For the fans, this becomes a matter of concern because even though reshoots are ordinary in the film industry, having another director take over always poses to be a matter of concern. Although the movie is not having any serious changes made to it, it still raises a sense of worry due to past experiences where something similar happened.

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Tim Miller Takes Over Borderlands Reshoots As Eli Roth Cannot Make It

In a recent update about the Borderlands movie, which was initially being directed by Eli Roth; Tim Miller will be taking over to direct the reshoots of the movie. While most of the film is ready, standard reshoots are inevitable, so to keep that going, Miller has stepped up in Roth’s absence. The director could not make it due to scheduling conflicts.

Jack Black will be playing Claptrap in the movie

It is to keep in mind that Eli Roth has not been fired and is still the lead director of the movie. Instead, he on his own accord gave the task of directing the reshoots to Tim Miller, who is also his friend. This was because Roth had to get going with filming the horror movie that started as a mock trailer for Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse. Thanksgiving will begin filming soon enough and the director has to get ready for the same. Deadpool director Tim Miller is perhaps the perfect replacement for Borderlands because not only are the two directors friends, but he has created his own fair share of blockbusters.

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Why Is The Switching Of Directors Last Minute A Sign Of Concern?

While it is not usual to see directors being replaced last minute when a majority of the movie has been filmed, this would not be the first time that this is happening. A case similar to this would be Joss Whedon taking over from Zack Snyder for the filming of Justice League. Although he left due to personal reasons, what was left of the movie was only said to be a disaster.

A scene from Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021).
A scene from Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)

Not only did Joss Whedon get a massive amount of hate for the movie, but the result created an entire campaign that forced DC to bring back Snyder and make his own version of the movie. This led to both the franchise and the director getting backlash as well as the movie being ruined almost completely. Fans want to avoid this for the movie adaptation of the Borderlands game as adaptations of games on their own are a hit or miss. However, all the audience can do is keep their faith and wait for the film.

Borderlands is said to be released somewhere in 2023.


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