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Kevin Hart’s Risky Gamble in $801M Dwayne Johnson Sequel Paid Off When He Earned $30M Paycheck: “I’m a back-in player”

Kevin Hart's Risky Gamble in $801M Dwayne Johnson Sequel Paid Off When He Earned $30M Paycheck: "I'm a back-in player"

Kevin Hart is an actor who has a range that can spread out from the most comedic roles to sometimes more serious ones. His team-ups with Dwayne Johnson are even more famous with some of the most iconic movies having the duo together. The duo together has a net worth of over $1 Billion. However separately, one exceeds the other by a lot.

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Kevin Hart in Jumanji

Although Hart stays secretive about a couple of his salaries, one particular movie he especially stayed silent about was Jumanji: The Next Level. The movie did amazingly well and was a box office hit. So it can be presumed that he earned fairly well, to begin with. However, that was not the case. The actor instead decided to take a risk, one that paid off quite well.

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Kevin Hart Earned A Solid Sum For Jumanji: The Next Level Thanks To His Forward Thinking

Kevin Hart was in an interview with James Corden when he was presented with the question of how much he earned for Jumanji: The Next Level. On The Late Late Show With James Corden, there is a segment that requires celebrity guests to either answer a question or eat something terrible in front of them.

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Kevin Hart

“Look, if I had to do a rough guess,” Hart stuttered.“See, I’m a back-in player. So it’s not about what you take upfront. I don’t want upfront money for the movie. So I took less money in hopes that the movie would find amazing success, because I’m a good partner.”

Hart found himself in the same situation as Corden asked him about his salary for the movie. His other option on Truth or Eat It! was not looking good either. It was either revealing the secret or eating flaming hot wet cheese. Neither of the options was appealing to the actor and no one would blame him for it. Although, he did end up choosing the former and while he was hesitant to do so, he explained that what he earned for the movie was purely based on how successful it became.

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Kevin Hart Earned Around $30 Million For The Jumanji Sequel

Kevin Hart tried to explain more nonchalantly to somehow not be exact about his reply. He elaborated on how he took a smaller upfront fee for the movie and relied more on his back-end fee. Hart confirmed that his final salary ranged from $25 Million to $30 Million.

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Kevin Hart

The movie starring Dwayne Johnson ended up making over $801 Million and according to that, he got around 4.7% of the total earnings. Seeing that the budget of the movie was only $130 Million, it made a profit of $671 Million. This only proved that the gamble Kevin Hart chose to play turned out to be extremely smart and he earned a fair share of the movie’s earnings.

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Source: The Late Late Show With James Corden

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