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Kevin Smith Won’t Direct A Marvel Movie, But Wants Something Else From the MCU

Kevin Smith Wont Direct A Marvel Movie But Wants Something Else From the MCU 1

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a large fan base spread across the globe. But when it comes to naming a few, Kevin Smith will always make his way to the top of the fan list. The director has been associated with Marvel Comics and the MCU for as long as we can remember. Despite being a comic book fanboy since childhood, Smith doesn’t want to direct a Marvel movie. 

During his interview with Uproxx, Kevin said, 

“I think everyone knows what my relationship with the Marvel movies is… particularly at Marvel,……They’re like, ‘He’s a fan, and he will remain a fan, as far as we’re concerned.’ That’s for the best, man. I don’t have that kind of vision to pull that stuff off.”

D5D991B2 AA5C 4A0E 98C5 BA8CF40ED218He would prefer focusing on his characters rather than running after “other people’s stuff”. Kevin further added,

“We live in this era now where it’s like, I should be romping from comic book movie to comic book movie. I’ve been talking about this shit since the ’90s, so I should be out there doing it, but number one, I’m not that talented. Not talented enough to pull off comic book movies. You need visual style to do that sort of thing. I don’t think visually. I think in words. Even my favourite comic books have more words than pictures in them and stuff like that.”

The modest director continued:

“Number two, it’s more satisfying for me to create my own stories. As much as I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe… Part of the reason I love those movies so much… it’s breathtaking how they take the stories I knew as a kid and bring them to life now as movies. I don’t have that kind of ability.”8E6068D4 F470 451A AA15 6CE5CDF54506As a comic book enthusiast, Smith has made many references to the superheroes cult in his works such as Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. That’s not it. Smith also owns a comic book store Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in New Jersey. That’s how his love for comic books usually manifests, and he wouldn’t want to mix it with business. However, Kevin Smith has indeed directed episodes of the beloved CW DC shows Supergirl and The Flash.

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But it doesn’t mean he isn’t expecting a call from Kevin Feige. Kevin Smith has displayed interest in making a cameo in one of the MCU movies. So far, his movie, Mallrats got a shoutout in Captain Marvel during Stan Lee’s cameo.

For now, Smith is busy with the upcoming Clerks III and developing a Mallrats sequel.

Written by Ipshita Barua