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The Office – Kevin’s 5 Best Moments

Throughout it’s nine seasons, The Office offered many great moments for each of it’s characters, none less so than Kevin, the lovable if dimwitted accountant. Almost with the personality of a wholesome toddler that loves food, his drums and a lot of innuendos, Kevin had a lot of screen time, and here are Kevin’s 5 best moments.

5. Always Supporting his Friends

Kevin Joining Dwight In His Underwear

Kevin had several moments of pure and total loyalty during the series. Way back in season two Kevin offers to Jim that if Roy tries to hurt him over Pam, then Kevin has his back. The next season, Roy does find out about Jim’s crush on Pam, and decides to smash up the bar they’re in. If you pay close attention, Kevin has his fists clenched, ready to jump in and protect Pam if needed. The last and my favourite of the three, is when Dwight is tricked into a fake radio interview, and quickly ends up in his underwear in the break room. Not prompted and for no reason, Kevin is seen in the background also in his underwear, calmly eating a chocolate bar.

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4. Kevin’s Chilli

kevin's 5 best moments
Brian Baumgartner as Kevin Malone

A short opening stinger at the start of an episode has become one of the most iconic moments in the show and definitely one of Kevin’s 5 best moments. Kevin is so proud of his homemade chilli, he brings an extremely large pot into the office to share with his co-workers. Naturally, chaos ensues when he drops it on the floor, and as he tries to clean it up, he ends up making it worse, with the floor, himself and a clipboard all being covered in what was once meant to be eaten by the office.

3. Keeping Oscar’s Secret

Kevin's 5 best moments
The Face of a Great Secret Keeper… and Kevin

During the latter seasons of The Office, Oscar starts an affair with Angela’s senator husband Rob Lipton. Of all the characters that finds out, it’s Kevin, who whilst loyal, certainly wasn’t known for his secret-keeping abilities. He does manage to keep it, but more so for forgetting and getting distracted, rather than being a good secret keeper, and he does tempt fate with Angela a few times.

2. Pie and Math

Kevin Testing His Pie Math

As an accountant you’d expect Kevin to be pretty good with math, however, he’s shown multiple times to be the complete opposite. Being blamed for multiple mistakes, being questioned on his maths by Oscar, Angela and in one case later on in the show, Jim, he’s not what you’d expect an accountant to be. However, his math ability comes to the fore when the entire office go to get pie, and he figures out exactly how quickly they could get to the pie stand, and then followed by a specific pie equation from Oscar. After that, Oscar asks a non-related pie question to which Kevin is stumped again.

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1. Why Waste Time Say Lot Word When Few Word Do Trick?

Time Saver Kevin

Number one in kevin’s 5 best moments on The Office comes the ever-quotable scene with Kevin trying to save time in his life by simply saying less words. When Jim asks what he plans to do with his extra time, Kevin responds by saying “… to see world”, to which Jim asks whether he means seeing the world, or going to Sea World. I wish we’d have gotten longer with this short-talking Kevin, but unfortunately it was a short, one and done gag, but whether it’s the first watch or the tenth re-watch, this part of the episode is always funny.

There we have Kevin’s 5 best moments, but what have I missed and what would you have included?

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