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‘Killed The Next Thanos, Broke Multiverse, Now Works in McDonalds’: Loki Season 2 Set Photos Show Sylvie in McDonalds as Vengeful MCU Fans Brand Her ‘The New Star-Lord’

Sylvie Loki Season 2

Disney+’s Loki introduced us to Sylvie, the female variant who had spent millennia escaping from the Time Variance Authority by living in apocalypses, only to find out that it was all controlled by three automaton androids. But things never come easy for the Lokies. After reaching the end of time and battling it out with Loki, a version of Kang was defeated, only to give way to a worse variant.

Sophia Di Martino
Sophia Di Martino

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As the Multiversal Saga begins and the Marvel Cinematic Universe inches closer to the helming of The Kang Dynasty, one McDonald’s finds Sylvie employed and serving Happy Meals to pass her time after causing the multiverse to collapse.

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Sophia di Martino is to Return in Loki Season 2 as Sylvie

The female and an extremely dangerous variant of Loki, the God of Mischief, was born as Loki Laufeydottir in Asgard but having been ruled as a Nexus Event, she was taken in by the TVA and had all trace of her existence erased. In the original Marvel comics, however, there existed another version of this female god, not quite Asgardian but still powerful.

Sophia Di Martino will return in her iconic role in Loki Season 2
Sophia Di Martino will return in her iconic role in Loki Season 2

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Sylvie Lushton is a teenage human girl residing in Bruxton, Oklahoma, a transitory home for the reincarnated Asgardians after the events of Ragnarok, a repetitive cyclical event of death and rebirth that consumes Asgard and its people. During the reincarnation, the reborn Asgard that found a haven in Oklahoma also ushers in the trickster god who endows Sylvie with Asgardian powers and gifts her with the knowledge of magic.

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The MCU adopts the two versions — Lady Loki Laufeydottir and Sylvie Lushton — and Sophia Di Martino is cast as Sylvie Laufeydottir, the variant who hunts and is in return hunted by the TVA.

Sylvie confronts Kang's He Who Remains
Sylvie confronts Kang’s He Who Remains in Loki Season 1 finale

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Sylvie Spotted in a Surprising Costume on Set of Loki

As filming of Loki Season 2 proceeds full-steam ahead, the actors are spotted in a set built as a 1970s era McDonald’s. Sophia Di Martino appears as Sylvie and in a McDonald’s uniform while Tom Hiddleston‘s Loki walks around in his TVA uniform. Although, it is confirmed that the TVA and Mobius will continue to have a major role to play in the coming narrative, it remains to be seen why the timeline has shifted to the past and to the fast food chain of all places, making fans comically dub her “the new Star-Lord”.

The end of Season 1 had witnessed a change in timelines as Sophie kills He Who Remains at The Citadel at the End of Time. As another version (and likely, more evil) of Kang takes over, the TVA fails to recognize Loki and the series which serves mainly as a redemption arc for the titular character after the events of 2012, the series which tipped off the scales of the Multiversal Saga has yet a lot to offer, but suffice it to say, Sophia di Martino as Sylvie will return with peak Loki energy!

Loki Season 2 premieres on Disney+ in the summer of 2023.

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