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Has Kim Kardashian Dumped Pete Davidson For Michael Cera?

Once again, the personal life of Kim Kardashian is floating over the internet. This is not the first time, the Kardashians star is ruling the internet.  The Latest scoop has been that Kim secretly dated Michael Cera, the Scott Pilgrim vs the World actor and they recently broke up. But is it true now that she left the Saturday Night Live star, Pete Davidson, for him?

Pete Davidson out of Kim's story?
Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

Is Pete out of the Picture?

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Pete Davidson joined SNL when he was 20
Pete Davidson joined SNL when he was 20

Kim Kardashian and the American Comedian were reported to be dating each other for a long time. The Kardashian sister met The Suicide Squad star when she went on a date with Kanye West along with Pete Davidson and Timothee Chalamet to celebrate Kid Cudi’s birthday. Then after going through a long way and currently it was rumored that she will court Davidson but now with these pictures and videos hovering over the internet, is Pete Davidson out of the Picture?

Michael Cera has also been very private about his social life. The only public relationship he disclosed is the one with Aubrey Plaza which can also conclude that he might have something with a Kim according to the fans.

Fandomwire Video

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Kim Kardashian and Michael Cera: A Match?

Michael cera with Kim K?
Michael Cera

All these rumors started spreading like a wildfire when a graphic video of both the actors was in the Tiktok trending obtained from various sources. In one clip, we can see a song playing in the background and while the reality star is sobbing, the actor is rehearsing his lines. The clips are placed in such a way that any non-followers of Celebrity social life will conclude that they have just passed through a breakup only to be fooled as the case is not like how it seems to be.

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All the photos and videos of the pair together are altered and there is no visual proof of the duo being in a romantic circle. Based on the floating media all over the social media, the fans are already feeling devastated over the fact that how could Kim and Cera split but Pete never actually got out of the picture and all of it is nothing but baseless rumors.

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