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Kim Kardashian Teases Her Marvel Debut After Hinting it Earlier, Dresses Up as X-Men Member Mystique For Halloween

Kim K as Mystique

The ever-famous Kim Kardashian has been a lot of things in her life- a businesswoman, model, Paris Hilton’s bestie, and so on. The 42-year-old budding lawyer has now set her sights on something much more ambitious, and that is becoming a superhero in none other than the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Kevin Feige’s monumental franchise is currently in its 14th year of running, having released box-office hit after hit, and what harm could possibly be done with the help of the most high-profile Kardashian? However the audience may perceive her, the ex-wife of rapper Kanye West is now looking to leave the reality TV world behind, and she’s already set her sights on this particular X-Men character that everyone loves.

Kim Kardashian FandomWire
Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian Plans To Follow Up On Her Wish To Act In A Marvel Movie

Kim Kardashian has been making waves in the legal field this year, in April, to be specific. She opened up a private equity firm named Skky Partners with her mother Kris Jenner, who is also a partner at the firm.

Kim Kardashian FandomWire
Kim Kardashian

Just three months later she would be making her Paris Fashion Week modeling debut as she walked for Balenciaga. She has proven that she won’t budge against all the online bullying and harassment that she had been receiving from her former husband Kanye West, quite formidably!

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And just last month the daughter of the famous attorney Robert Kardashian revealed her desire to act in the largest film franchise in the world, the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The social media star spoke to Interview Magazine,  where she revealed her wish to act in a Marvel movie. She was asked if she would want to make more out of her acting career, having recently lent her voice to a poodle in PAW Patrol: The Movie just last year-

“Would I act? I would if something fun came about. Maybe a Marvel movie, that would be so fun to do. I’m not actively looking, but I think things just come when they’re supposed to.”

It seems like she’s following up on her word as she flaunted her costume for this year’s Halloween-

This is clearly a cosplay of X-Men’s Mystique, a character that hasn’t made her MCU debut yet. That caption, however, might be her official proposal to have the company hire her as an actor for Mystique!

While Professor X and Wolverine have already made their mark in the MCU (with Wolverine set to do so in Deadpool 3), the opportunity might just arise for Kim Kardashian soon enough.

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Fan Reactions To Kim Kardashian’s Mystique Are Hilarious

In all honesty, that cosplay is truly on point, Kim Kardashian has done a great job of looking like Mystique in that video!

Kim Kardashian FandomWire
Kim Kardashian

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While the cosplay may be great, Kim’s fans have been pretty divided over her costume. Some are making fun of her attempt, while others are comparing her to rapper Saweetie’s earlier attempt at the cosplay back in 2020-

Both did a great job, tbh-


That’s a bold comparison-

Slaying as always-

What do you think would happen if Kim Kardashian got cast into the MCU? Fans might not receive the news too well, which isn’t fair because she does have prior acting experience in movies like Disaster Movie and Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.

You can catch Kim Kardashian on Hulu’s The Kardashians.

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