‘Instagram Doesn’t Reflect Life’: In Rare Occurrence, Internet Praises Kim Kardashian for Sharing Unedited Cellulite Pics

Kim Kardashian has always been an integral part of social media with her social as well as romantic life. Gossip centering around her makes rounds very often on Social platforms. But recently strange phenomenon took place when she is praised on Social Media for her 5 years old cellulite pics.

Kim Kardashian talks about her pictures
Kim Kardashian in the famous Met Gala gown.

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The Internet is Praising Kim Kardashian

the unedited pics of Kim Kardashian
The Unedited pics of Kim Kardashian that went viral

After 5 years, old pictures resurfaced on the internet through the social media platform Reddit, and people are extremely pleased with the unedited photos of the Keeping up with the Kardashians star. According to the viewers, it’s extremely important to present the Real You on the internet instead of wrapping yourself in the veil of makeup and filters.

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Following her recent weight loss, the photos were posted on Reddit and the fans were very swift to appreciate their beauty. One fan wrote:

“She has cellulite and body bumps like every other woman. She just looks human.”

In the Modern Era, a lot of people especially the young generations are exposed to Internet content and it also has some drastic effects. The edited photos of many celebrities, as well as people, raise false hopes and self-doubt among the individuals and now it feels like the common people are trying to overcome it by praising and accepting only that which’s natural and strongly despising materialistic beauty. Another fan added:

“This is how anybody looks unedited. Cellulite is so normal whatever size you’re at and it shows depending on lighting,” said another.

Even though the Kardashian is not very pleased with these emerging photos still the audience thinks that its high time everyone should start accepting themselves as they are instead of relying on the social media life:

 “As much as these pics hurt Kim to be released it was important for young women to see that Instagram does not reflect real life.”

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Kim shares Reaction to the Photos

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian
Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

The photos were taken when Kim went for her sister Kourtney’s birthday in Mexico in 2017. She expressed that she was not doing good at that time and people photoshopped them to make them look worse.

Kim also confessed the positive aspects of those photos in her life. While on an appearance on the US talk show “The View”  she said about the motivation she received from those photos:

“[After seeing the photos] I was like ‘OK, I’m going to get it together’ and I started working out with this bodybuilder girl.”

At present, Kim Kardashian is dating the Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson and has also claimed that she lost 16lbs in three weeks for Met Gala.

Source: Mirror

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