Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 Will Feature Something the First Game Couldn’t, and it’s a Gamechanger

A major improvement for the game.

kingdom come: deliverance 2


  • In an interview with FandomWire, the actor Luke Dale talked about the improvements for Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2.
  • This actor played Hans Capon in the first title and has mentioned the studio's plans for the sequel.
  • Warhorse Studios is utilizing facial performance capture to make the movements of the face more real, using the new cast for the game.
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Earlier this year, Warhorse Studios anticipated that Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2, the sequel to this medieval title that has a ton of realism, would be released sometime in 2024. 


In a recent interview with FandomWire, actor Luke Dale, who was Hans Capon in the first game, talked about the technological improvements that this new title will be adding to the performance of the cast. The actor discussed the use of facial performance capture with the upcoming new members of the cast, who are very popular actors.

Dale Discusses the Use of Facial Performance Capture in the Upcoming Kingdom Come Game

Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 Luke Dale, talked about the new title with FandomWire.
The next Kingdom Come game is looking better and better. 

Fans praised Deliverance for its historical accuracy, leading to its remarkable success and significant number of followers. This year will see the release of the next game in the franchise. Fans of the series are waiting for the same kind of quality work that was part of the first title. Warhorse Studios is the company behind the game, and Deep Silver is in charge of the distribution.


In a recent interview with FandomWire, Luke Dale talked about how the new entry of the game will have a very significant technological improvement. In the first game, this actor played Hans Capon. He talked about how these new motion capture tools will make wonders for the immersion that players will have in the title, and Dale added that it will have an A-list cast.

A Historically Accurate RPG is on the Way

He will reprise his part as Hans Capon on the Warhorse Studios sequel.
Dale will reprise his role in the upcoming sequel.

Dale was asked about how the new Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 will improve from the first title, to which he said,

Facial performance capture wasn’t used on the first game, but it was on 2. This is a huge advancement because the actors are first-class, so hopefully this will do wonders for the immersion.

The game will introduce several new gameplay and storytelling features.


This actor also mentioned that players will now be able to distinguish certain expressions from the faces of the characters. He said,

You can now see subtleties in people’s performances in a way that you couldn’t before.

Dale has already confirmed that it will be part of the sequel, and he also mentioned how much time this work took after the completion of the first DLC from the previous title. 

The game will incorporate open-world gameplay and RPG mechanics. The title will feature an exciting and incredible story driven by vengeance and power. Similar to the first game, this new title of the franchise will be based on medieval European history. One of the main features this game will add is enhanced first-person combat using popular weapons from that era.


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