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Kit Harington as Black Knight in Eternals: “Nothing is Certain”

Kit Harington as Black Knight in Eternals Nothing is Certain

When the Eternals star Kit Harington was asked about his role in the future installments of MCU, he quoted, “nothing is certain.”

Kit Harington as Dane Whitman in Eternals
Kit Harington as Dane Whitman












The Game of Thrones star makes his MCU debut as Dane Whitman in Marvel’s Eternals. The comic book counterpart of Dane Whitman wields the cursed Ebony Blade to become the Black Knight. Also, Dane Whitman is the romantic partner of the powerful immortal Sersi (Gemma Chan). Dane Whitman is not yet an armored Avenger due to the fear of going mad due to the blackened blade.

When asked about his role in future installments of MCU during an interview with Variety, Kit Harrington said, “If I’m totally honest, I hadn’t heard of the character. I had to sort of read up on him and try not to fall down too many black holes on the internet and just see what the basics were.” The lesser-known superhero was first introduced in 1967’s Avengers #47.

The actor continued, “But the essence of the character and his powers seem to me very interesting. God knows where it’s gonna go. So I don’t know, I can’t predict whether, where, if anywhere, they’ll take the character. But the basics of him having something that seems to be cursed, I thought, had a lot of meat to get into.”
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Kit Harrington said, “nothing is certain.” He talks about what to expect as an actor in the industry. “That’s the first thing you learn in this industry. There is no certainty. To go in with any kind of feeling that something’s certain is setting yourself up for failure,” he said. “I genuinely do go by the rule that this is the project, this is what I’m doing. I take it with the information that there’s a path and a future that could happen.”

“But I don’t assume that that future is going to happen, because I think that’s foolish.”

Eternals Producer Nate Moore Hinted a Larger Role
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Nate Moore talked to ComicBook in early 2020 about the role of Dane Whitman in Marvel. The producer said that the character will have a larger role for Harington’s Dane Whitman. The character will either see a role in a sequel or a spin-off. “We think he’s interesting and a great character…But we very much explored the relationship between Dane Whitman and Sersi, which is something, for comic readers who loved the Avengers in the ’90s, was very relevant and sort of plant the seeds that there could be more.”

Eternals will hit only theaters on November 5.


Written by Aditi Thosar