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Knives Out Outgrossing Last Jedi In China

Knives out outgrosses Star Wars Last Jedi China

It would seem now that Chinese movie goers prefer murder mysteries and suspenseful drama to Star Wars: Last Jedi

The murder mystery drama made by Rian Johnson and staring many notable names such as Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Toni Collete, Ana de Armas, and Christopher Plummer premiered at the TIFF film festival with great critical and audience response.

The film has also gained several nods at the Golden Globes  as it was nominated for Best Actor in a musical or comedy, Best Actress in a musical or comedy, and finally Best Picture in a musical or comedy. 

However, the most shocking achievement that Knives Out has received is the praise by China. The murder mystery has apparently made more money in the Chinese box office than Star Wars: The last Jedi. While this may come as a shock to some viewers it may not be for most as the Last Jedi was divisive to say the least. 

The 2018 Star Wars film gained an excellent critic score but was divided among fans. It seems that China played a significant part in that divide as the movie earned 28.7 million in its first weekend the film suffered a massive slip down to only 2.4 million.

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Eventually, Star Wars the Last Jedi was pulled from Chinese theaters with the movie not even hitting 50 million us dollars at the Chinese cinema box office. 

It is perhaps worth noting that Knives Out’s success was due to a lot of originality and creative mindset, and while Star Wars is the world’s most popular franchise it seems that it has never connected to China as much as it did with the rest of the world. 

Hopefully, in the future Star Wars will maybe gain traction in China but as it stands for the Chinese right now the knife beats the saber.

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