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Knull Has A New Weakness Revealed By A Symbiote

Spoiler warning: The following article contains spoilers for Knull in King in Black: Scream #1, by Clay McLeod Chapman, Garry Brown, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC’s Cory Petit, on sale now.

As the god of symbiotes, Knull has been shown to have complete domination over the symbiotes. As the god has been virtually undefeated by any symbiote-powered figure that has challenged him. For instance, Venom has already attempted to stop Knull in their initial battle. However, a certain yellow symbiote has made her own stance against him and managed to make a dent.

About Scream, the symbiote:

Scream is a symbiote that first appeared in Lethal Protectors #4 in 1993. She was one of the five symbiotes that were introduced in the Lethal Protectors. The symbiotes were created by The Life Foundation. They used Venoms DNA strands to replicate the symbiote and its abilities. Although Knull still won the battle, Scream managed to expose a new vulnerability of him that stopped him.

In the initial moments of the fight, Knull knocks Scream around, flinging her across the city. He takes his time to imagine how he would kill her for standing against Carnage and fighting his symbiote army. As Knull almost obliterates Scream, she is able to unleash her secret weapon, Hellfire. This weapon turns the tide of the battle as she conjures it from the Hellmark on her chest.

Andi Benton, the host:

The current host of the symbiote is a young woman named Andi Benton. She was a student of Flash Thompson while he worked as a high school gym teacher in Philadelphia. He protected her from an incoming Jack-O’-Lantern, the symbiote decided to bond to her afterward. She would later develop the crest and gain all sorts of abilities linked to Mephisto at the cost of her soul being corrupted every time she uses her powers. During Absolute Carnage, Andi absorbed the Scream symbiote from Patricia Robertson just in time to confront Carnage though he appeared immune to the hellfire.

However, Knull does not seem to have the same immunity to Screams hellfire the same way Carnage has. The burst of flames which Scream let out, burnt his face and stopped him from pursuing her further. Even Andi realized that Knull is not going to win the upcoming battles with just brawn anymore and she will not make the battle any easier for him. Knull decided to prey on weaker targets and left her to his symbiote minions as he does not want to face her again. He seems to be injured by the fire, yet capable of the full extent of his strength by the end of the fight.



Ever since launching his invasion of the Marvel Universe, everything from electricity to magic has shown as being capable of repelling Knull’s army of symbiotes. The heroes can now add hellfire to the growing list of ways to fight back against Knull and his army as King in Black nears its explosive finale. Scream may not have soundly defeated Knull, but she has definitely succeeded in bringing out another weakness off Knull. Being so powerful, he has essentially taken over the Marvel Universe in the comics at this point. As such, leaving only a handful of heroes who are still capable to face him. For instance: Jean Grey, Dylan Brock, and Silver Surfer to name a few.

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Written by Neal Johnson