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Kratos Fancasting: Actors Perfect For Live Action God Of War

Kratos Fancasting Actors Perfect For Live Action God Of War

We all want a God Of War film. A film based on the massively popular video game would set the box office on fire! It would be a dream come true for countless fans who have patiently waited for a movie adaptation of their favorite video game. Why not? Countless other movies based on video games have made it big in Hollywood. A film on God of War would be no exception. On the contrary, such a film has the potential to set records!

Now to ensure the success of such a film, it is very important that the casting is done correctly. More specifically, the casting of the protagonist Kratos. Kratos is one such character that needs an A-list star. Getting it right is a make or break for the film. With this pressure in mind, we take a look at 5 stars that could play the role of Kratos well.

1. Dwayne Johnson

Actors who can play kratos
Dwayne Johnson

This one is a fan favorite. Dwayne “the rock” Johnson has charisma and style in addition to his action movie skills. He would do quite well as Kratos. He has the physique, the hairstyle, and the temperament to do full justice to the role! All that is needed is a good script to best utilize his talents. Further, his huge celebrity status would do well for the marketing and popularity of the film. Finally, he has a long list of action movies to his name and does them well, as history shows.

2. Gerard Butler

Actors who can play kratos
‘300’ Star Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler has cut his teeth in action movies. Moreover, he also has a wealth of experience in other genres as well, namely, rom-coms, musicals, etc. All this gives this star full potential to explore the nuances and multi-faceted personality of an older Kratos. Kratos has aspects to him that require a mature actor like Gerard Butler to play well. Butler, of course, gave a career-defining performance as King Leonidas in 300. He certainly has what it takes. Moreover, his aggression could be well used in such a movie.

3. Hugh Jackman

Actors who can play kratos
Hugh Jackman

We admit this is our favorite entry on the list. Hugh Jackman would be the absolute best actor to play an older Kratos. He has rich experience in playing action roles and has one of the best talents out there. Just look at his portrayal of Wolverine in the X-Men films. He has what it takes to play a nuanced and older Kratos, to work on the various facets of his personality. This would also be one of the biggest films of the star in recent history if it happens. Well, we have our fingers crossed!

4. Jason Momoa

Actors who can play kratos
Jason Momoa

We all know Jason Momoa is quite tough. He has shown how much of an intimidating actor he can be in the roles he has played. Of particular note is his part in the Game of Thrones. He is well suited to play both, a younger as well as an older Kratos. He has no dearth of talent. Moreover, his performance in Aquaman showed that he could play a tough personality with a shade of comedy. The same could be replicated by Momoa as Kratos in a God Of War movie.

5. Jon Bernthal

Actors who can play kratos
Jon Bernthal

The story of Kratos is quite tragic. Many of his family members were killed early on and later he was tricked into killing his wife and child. All this tragedy and misfortune made him very angry and thirsty for revenge. In the trilogy, Kratos is shown seeking his revenge. Revenge is therefore a strong theme in the story of Kratos.

Now, Jon Bernthal has shown he can act well, particularly relevant is his film, The Punisher, where revenge was a central theme. Considering all this, Jon Bernthal would be a prime candidate to play a younger Kratos.

What do you think of these stars? Do you have better suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below!

Written by Angad Singh

Angad is the Exclusive Editorials Head at FandomWire. Besides editing and writing duties, he procures material and manages the direction of our site's exclusive editorials. A lawyer by degree and a writer at heart, he prefers sleep over everything.