“Kratos got exhausted and fell accidentally”: Kratos Killing Himself at the End of God of War 3 Left Us in Utter Confusion

Join the discussion on Kratos's fate in the epic conclusion of God of War 3.

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  • Kratos's journey in God of War 3 culminates in a climactic battle against Zeus atop Mount Olympus.
  • Presented with a choice by Athena, he opted to end his own life with the Blade of Olympus.
  • Some see Kratos's decision as an act of weakness, while others view it as a defiant rejection of fate and the gods' control.
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God of War series is very popular and known for its amazing combat and iconic main protagonist, Kratos. Thus, when in God of War 3’s ending sequence, he impaled himself with the Blade of Olympus, fans were left with numerous questions. 


After his relentless pursuit of vengeance against the gods of Olympus for 3 games, he finally achieved his goal of killing Zeus and ending his reign but that came at a cost of his own life. Players have been discussing this ever since. 

The Fall of a Titan in God of War 3

Killed himself with the Blade of Olympus in God of War 3
The White Warrior died at the end of God of War 3 | SCE Santa Monica Studio

In the final moments of God of War 3, Kratos finally faced Zeus, the king of the gods, at the top of Mount Olympus. The battle was epic and brutal, and to overcome Zeus and his reign, he unleashed all of his fury. 


As the fight reaches the end, The White Warrior gets the upper hand and even manages to deliver a fatal blow to Zeus. However, in a shocking twist, Zeus revealed that the Cursed Mortal was indeed his son, then took advantage of the news to stab the Blade of Olympus into his abdomen but it didn’t work as Kratos went ahead and killed Zeus. 

As mankind was finally freed from Zeus’ and Olympus’ reign, Athena came to congratulate and asked him to give her the power of the box. In return, she offered to cleanse the world and rebuild with the power of hope.

Finally achieved his goal of killing Zeus and ending his reign
He finally got his revenge and killed Zeus. | SCE Santa Monica Studio’s God of War 3

But filled with his past bad memories, he didn’t want to accept god’s help, and seeing the whole world fall apart just because of his hunger for vengeance, he refused the offer. 


In a shocking turn of events, he then took the Blade of Olympus and impaled himself. He decided to end his own life rather than submit to the will of the gods. However, this decision didn’t show his weakness but the strength to pick his own path. 

The Meaning Behind Kratos’ Last Stand

While staying faithful to what came before, Santa Monica Studio's God of War completely revamped the iconic franchise.
The story of the God of War trilogy still continues to inspire players. | Santa Monica Studio’s God of War

The decision at the end of God of War 3 has left many players scratching their heads. In an interview, the Directors of the God of War Series explained that the Marked Warrior’s character is very vengeful and he never forgives anyone who has done wrong, not even himself. So that decision was his way to keeping everything in balance as his vengeance had left the world shattered.

The god of war series is full of inconsistencies.
byu/Tall_Nothing5194 inGodofWar


While many see the end as a fitting conclusion to his journey, some argue that he has overcome life-and-death situations countless times so why did he choose this option. One theory that stands out was from Reddit User Spoorotik, who explained that from Valhalla’s point of view, it looked like Kratos sacrificed himself for humanity. But from the narrator’s view, he fell down from a chariot of his own choice, but in reality, he was exhausted and fell accidentally.

As time passed, fans have found various inconsistencies in the series but they still love the game and its iconic protagonist. Whether anyone views the God of War 3′s ending as a tragic end or a brave, one thing is certain, the God of War trilogy’s story will continue to inspire players for years to come. 


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