Kratos Invades Elden Ring’s The Lands Between and Immediately Proves Just How Useless the Tarnished Is

Kratos now looks to conquer The Lands Between.

kratos, elden ring’s the lands between


  • A God of War x Elden Ring mod lets players play as Kratos in The Lands Between.
  • The mod proves that the Tarnished is useless if players have the God of War at their disposal.
  • The mod does more than just character swap and brings custom moveset and weapon skills.
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Elden Ring fans are patiently waiting for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, which is due to launch next month on June 21. Many are again playing the game before they get their hands on the expansion, journey across the Land of Shadow, and take on new bosses.


While players await the arrival of the DLC, the God of War protagonist has made his appearance in The Lands Between, all thanks to a mod. Kratos is not just here as a simple character swap but also proves that the Tarnished is useless when you have a god by your side.

A New Mod Lets You Play as Kratos in Elden Ring

God of War Kratos has landed in The Lands Between.
Kratos has landed in The Lands Between.

An X/Twitter account that shares news and leaks about Elden Ring shared a clip of young Kratos from the original trilogy fighting the first Elden Lord, Godfrey. The player can be seen taking on the boss in both his phases and clearly seems to be easily defeating him with new weapons and movesets, different from the Tarnished.


The mod also brings the Blades of Chaos to the game, with them now having a weapon skill, icons, descriptions, and much more. The player is seen using the Blades of Chaos, and it has custom movesets, offering a unique experience when you play as the Ghost of Sparta.

The skin is used as a playable armor with the mod, and it has high stats and can take players till the end. Previously, there was a mod that allowed players to play as Kratos, but it was only a character swap mod and nothing like this one. There are several mods for Elden Ring, but nothing gets more amazing than this.


Everything You Need to Know About the Mod

A new mod in Elden Ring lets you play as The Ghost of Sparta.
A new mod in Elden Ring lets you play as The Ghost of Sparta.

The mod is available to download on NexusMods, and players need to have ModEngine 2 on their PC to use the mod. The Blades of Chaos have two-handed and one-handed moves as well as a new weapon skill called Spartan Slam.

Moreover, the Blades have custom weapon sheathing properties on the character’s back, just like in the games. Players who have started a game save can get the protagonist, the Blades, and the Twin Maidens, and players who want to start a new game can get Kratos, as he is listed as a class.

The class comes with edited stats, origin descriptions, and new icons. The Blades of Chaos have custom attack and defense parameters, but they can also be upgraded with Somber Smithing Stones. The Blades of Chaos and the protagonist have custom icons in the inventory and descriptions of the story of the character and the weapon.


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