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Kraven, Venom, Wraith, Prowler, and More: 9 Scary Villains Who Will Fight Spider-Man in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Kraven, Venom, Wraith, Prowler, and More: 9 Scary Villains Who Will Fight Spider-Man in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

There is a piece of great news for all the Spiderman video game fans the sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man will release soon. The sequel of the game, produced by Insomniac Games, will bring together Peter Parker and Miles Morales, who will fight a long list of dangerous villains. The original game offered the playoff of the superhero Peter Parker with varied-sized and powered villains. As per the recent updates, there are a large number of villains in the new game.

The new gameplay trailer has offered a glimpse of a slew of villains in the new game, which include The Lizard, The Kraven, and many others on the prowl in the city.

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Villains or Anti-heroes in Spider-man 2

Here is the list of the top nine villains or anti-heroes in the upcoming Spider-man 2 game.

1. Kraven and his Hunters

Kraven the Hunter
Kraven the Hunter

Though the earlier game only had Kraven Hunter’s voice, the villain will finally reveal itself in the game. In the trailer, he would be taking the route for New York as his new hunting ground.

2. The Lizard

In the earlier game, it was shown that Dr. Curtis Curt Connors became a Lizard but was cured by Spiderman. However, in the sequel, he had a terrible relapse and becomes a bigger lizard. Spider-man will be seen tracking him down.

3. Venom


In the first game, it was shown that a black goo was attached to Harry at the end part, and it can only be the Symbiote, which will lead to Venom. The fans will see Peter with heightened aggression in the black suit, and as per fan theories, Miles may have to fight him.

4. Wraith

Spider-Man’s police friend, Yuri Watanabe will be seen as an anti-hero vigilante in the game. She takes up the character of Wraith, like in the comics. She will be fighting with Peter Parker in the game.

5. Black Cat

Black Cat
Black Cat

The sequel game will also bring forth the Black Cat, who was hiding for some time. The cat may engage in some minor harmless cat burglary or mess with Spider-Man to relive the old days.

6. Taskmaster

Taskmaster - Marvel Comics
Taskmaster – Marvel Comics

The Taskmaster was one of the numerous challenges in the game for players, who were in the boss fight with the mercenary. After his defeat, Taskmaster revealed being hired by a mysterious organization. They might return in the sequel and bring back the Taskmaster. 

7. Prowler


In Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Aaron Davis, aka The Prowler, was caught by the police, however, it seems he has managed to escape prison. He has sported his Prowler costume and doing crimes once again. It seems to be Miles’ side quest in the game.

8. Tombstone


After his defeat in the first game, the villain was imprisoned somewhere but not at The Raft. Peter Parker had originally defeated him by creating a counterdrug to neutralize his powers. Hence it would be interesting to see how he manages to prove to be a threat.

9. Shocker


While the Sinister Six are imprisoned in The Raft, the Shocker is seen free in Spider-man 2. The story of his escape might be told in the game.

Along with these villains, Insomniac Games will also have a few surprises for players with newly added villains. Some probable names include Scorpion, Mr. Negative, Screwball, Mysterio, Sandman, and The Chameleon.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will release by the second half of 2023 on PlayStation 5.

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