Lakers Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Blasts Jaden Smith’s Response to Will Smith Oscars Slap

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Fans were shocked by a famous incident involving Will Smith, a few months ago. The actor slapped comedian Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife. At the 94th Academy Awards on March 27, 2022,  he walked to the stage and slaps comedian Chris across the face. Smith hit Rock because he made a joke about his wife’s bald head. Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife has confirmed that she has Alopecia.

Will smith slapping Chris Rock
Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock at the Academy awards 2022

Will Smith’s infamous controversy got many opinions

Will’s actions were caught on live tape and caused a huge controversy. Many celebs came up to give their opinions on this situation. Los Angeles Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of them. Kareem published an article about this fiasco stating, that women should not be happy with his behavior. He expressed how this entire issue makes no sense. Kareem feels disappointed with Jaden Smith for giving out a specific statement. Will and Jada’s eldest son Jaden Smith came to support his father by tweeting ‘And That’s How We Do It.’ This was particularly not taken well by Kareem.


Kareem expressed how young fans would follow in his footsteps and resort to violence on petty issues. Jabbar found the saddest thing in the whole fiasco was what Jaden said. Jabbar tweets “Perhaps the saddest confirmation of this is the tweet from Smith’s child Jaden: “And That’s How We Do It.”

What did Jada Smith say about this incident?

Will Smith slapping Chris Rock
Will Smith slaps Chris Rock for making fun of wife Jada’s bald head.

Jada Smith during her first red table talk after the slapping incident puts up a message before the show starts. The message said,

“Considering all that has happened in the last few weeks, the Smith family has been focusing on deep healing,” the statement said. “Some of the discoveries around our healing will be shared at the table when the time calls.”


In the second slide, she continued,

“Until then…The Table will continue offering itself to powerful, inspiring, and healing testimonies like that of our incredibly impressive first guest. Thanks for joining us.”

Jada and Will have confessed that they overreacted by slapping Chris.


The actor has publicly apologized to comedian Chris Rock. The actor’s outburst at the Oscars has now prompted an on-stage attack on comedian Dave Chappelle, with the assailant admitting that he was inspired by Will Smith.


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