Lamest Superhero Weaknesses

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If none of the heroes had flaws or limitations, the realm of comics would be quite bland. After all, their abilities must be balanced in some way, or every combat would be finished in a matter of seconds. Some of these flaws, on the other hand, are just embarrassing. Here’s a list of the most ridiculous superhero weaknesses ever:


1. Concerts

Daredevil superhero weakness - loud noises.
The Superhero that doesn’t do well with volume – Daredevil.

Yes, you read that right…harmless concerts can turn out to be huge superhero weaknesses. Daredevil may very well be blind, but his other senses have been sharpened as a result of the injury. As a result, he has extraordinary hearing and a sonar-like mechanism. Loud noises, on the other hand, impair this ability. One of the character’s worst nightmares is attending a concert. Daredevil would be powerless to combat crime in such an environment, which also includes places like nightclubs.

2. Yellow Color

Green Lantern superhero weakness - the color yellow.
Loathes the color yellow – Green Lantern.

The Green Lanterns’ rings have no influence on anything that is yellow owing to an innate impurity in them. For Green Lantern, there is nothing worse than Batman, painted in the color of your weakness, sipping lemonade and passing judgment on you. And thus, to taunt him, Batman instructed Robin to paint an entire room and himself yellow in Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman & Robin. In addition to labeling color yellow one of the worst superhero weaknesses he’s ever heard of, Batman relishes the opportunity to exploit it to its full potential.


3. Hunger

Flash superhero weakness - Hunger
Young Flash eating huge amounts of food.

Flash is the quickest man alive, and as such, he can use his incredible speed to defeat a large number of foes. Flash’s super-fast metabolism, however, is a drawback to his abilities. He requires a great amount of food to function effectively, and while he doesn’t have to worry about gaining weight like the rest of us, a lot of food is expensive. Let’s just say that, unlike some other superheroes, Flash isn’t a billionaire. It also means that if he goes without food for an extended period of time, he will starve far more quickly than a regular person.

4. Low self-esteem

Gladiator superhero weakness - Self esteem
An instance of Gladiator having self doubts.

Gladiator, from Marvel, is undoubtedly one of the most powerful comic book heroes ever, which is a huge compliment. He’s a superhero most guys would kill to be, with planet-shattering strength, super-speed, heat vision, ice breath, and a few psychic talents. On the other hand, he has never truly learned to love himself. Although poor self-esteem isn’t fun for anyone, it’s a fatal superhero weakness for Gladiator. His strength swings depending on his confidence. As a result, opponents with far lesser abilities can overcome him if they can make him doubt himself.


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