Lando Calrissian and Jannah’s Relationship Revealed in Rise of Skywalker Novelization

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Supportive materials like the Visual Dictionary companion book disclosed a handful of details about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Now one more detail has come into existence about a much-debated and baffling moment from the end of the film. During the last moments of The Rise of Skywalker, when the Resistance is enjoying victory over the First Order. Jannah, the former First Order Stormtrooper turns revolutionary and settles down to meet Lando Calrissian.


Final scene

Flipboard: Star Wars Confirms Jannah Is NOT Lando's Daughter ...
The end explained was very muddles and played with the minds of the fans

The scenes go in a manner where Jannah settles down and starts interrogating Lando about his whereabouts. Calrissian answers that he’s from the Gold System and throws Jannah the same question. She reverts back that she doesn’t know her native origin, to which Lando somewhat flirtatiously says, “Well, let’s find out.”. Previously, the character Jannah was implied to be Lando’s daughter, in the Visual Dictionary for The Rise of Skywalker which disclosed that Lando’s own daughter is under the shackles of the First Order. 

Excerpts from the Novel

Star Wars: 17 Ways The Rise of Skywalker Novelization Adds to the ...
Lando is winning hearts as he decides to help the kids in need

The novelization says that this exchange is solely meant to be for a step Lando is taking up to aid kids who are under shackles of First Order and moulded into Stormtroopers. Those that acted against the First Order are now in need of new abode in the galaxy. And Lando wants to help them  An excerpt from the novelization written by Rae Carlson (via ScreenRant) elaborates:


“Lando and Lady Luck would help these special kids. Find their families, if that’s what they wanted. Help them discover their new place in the galaxy. Heck, maybe he’d find his daughter. Probably not; he knew the odds. But that would be a pretty good way to spend his twilight years, right? If the kids were amenable, anyway.”

Visual Dictionary

Star Wars: 17 Ways The Rise of Skywalker Novelization Adds to the ...
The movie racks up one’s mind with turns and mysteries

Major Part of my brain itches if this was something including into the book post the movie came out to help elaborate the scene. Especially after that excerpt from the Visual Dictionary jumbled things. After all, it would be an extremely small world if Lando bumped into his daughter in the final stand against the final Order, especially since the galaxy is humongous. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the gorry details soon.

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