Latest Jujutsu Kaisen Theory About Kenjaku’s True Heir Might be the Most Unexpected Character in the Series

Popular Fan Theory Suggests Kenjaku Switched Bodies With Miwa Somehow And Will Make a Return.

Latest Jujutsu Kaisen Theory About Kenjaku’s True Heir Might be the Most Unexpected Character in the Series


  • Although Kenjaku's passing has had a significant effect on Jujutsu Kaisen, given his past, he may have survived.
  • Fans have been formulating theories about how Kenjaku might reappear in the story ever since his passing.
  • Because of this, fans have theorized that Kenjaku and Miwa Kasumi may have switched bodies in some way.
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Jujutsu Kaisen has become a very hot topic right now as the manga has suddenly introduced many twists and turns in the story involving characters like Yuta, Kenjaku, Sukuna and Yuji which has dazzled fans and made them excited about what is going to happen next in the series. The series featured two consecutive battles which held the most importance to the story and while one of them is still going on, one of the battles has finally ended.


The battle that has ended is Kenjaku vs. Takaba which was going on for quite a long time and was concluded in the favor of the sorcerers as Yuta was able to kill Kenjaku while he was distracted with Takaba. It is truly one of the biggest moments as Kenjaku is one of the biggest antagonists of the series.

Kenjaku vs. Takaba
Kenjaku vs. Takaba

Kenjaku’s death has had a huge impact on the story, however looking at his history there may be a chance that he has survived and his last words certainly are proof that Kenjaku has planned something. This has led the fans to devise a theory that Kenjaku might have again shifted bodies somehow or has something cynical planned and it involves Miwa Kasumi.


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Kenjaku’s Death in Jujutsu Kaisen

Fans got to see Kenjaku’s fight with Takaba conclude in the previous chapter of JJK, but right afterward, Yuta ambushed him from behind and immediately chopped off his head with a sword. Given that he had planned everything and that his fight with Takaba was going well, Kenjaku found it extremely difficult to process this.

Yuta Okkotsu kills Kenjaku

Only after he was attacked did he realize that it was all a set-up to let his guard down and allow Yuta to land a vicious blow that sliced his head off and killed him. Kenjaku was ultimately defeated and was unable to move against Yuta anymore. Fans anticipated that the author would devote more attention to the challenging circumstances that Kenjaku was going through, but he chose to devote all of his attention to Sukuna instead.


However, this did not stop the fans from creating their theories about what happened next for Kenjaku and what was his plan he told Yuta before dying. Many fans concluded that Kenjaku is using Miwa in some way as his true heir and she might hold more importance than fans anticipated.

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Fans Believe That Kenjaku is Connected to Miwa

Since Kenjaku’s death, fans have been devising theories about how he could return and this cannot be the end of one of the strongest antagonists of the series. Many fans believe that Kenjaku is connected to Miwa in some way and he might have placed his brain inside her and they even have evidence to support this theory.


The first evidence is Miwa’s laugh which according to fans has changed and has an uncanny similarity with Kenjaku and maybe Kenjaku has shifted bodies again and has taken possession of Miwa’s body. The second piece of evidence that supports this theory is even though Miwa can’t use Katana anymore because of her binding vow, she went to the Sendai colony and it’s not explained yet, which is quite strange for her character.

Miwa Going To Sendai Colony
Miwa Going To Sendai Colony

However, these are just theories and nothing can be certain until Gege Akutami releases the next chapter and discusses Kenjaku which won’t be for the next few chapters as the battle between Sukuna and Yuji has started which certainly holds a lot of importance for the story, and both characters.


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