The League of Legends Esports Schedule is a Tasty One Today

Swiss Stage of Worlds 23 gets underway today, and will see 8 games get underway today.


  • The biggest League of Legends Esports event, Worlds 23 is underway until the 19th of November.
  • Swiss Stage sees 8 games involving 16 teams in Round 1.
  • Cloud9, T1 and G2 Esports among winners from earlier games.
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The biggest League of Legends eSports event, Worlds 23 has been underway since the 10th of this month. The Swiss stage of the Worlds 2023 starts today, with the first game between Team BDS Vs. Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club has just concluded at the time of writing. Beijing JD Gaming Intel Esports Club just defeated Team BDS 1-0. The game up next is between G2 Esports vs. Dplus KIA with fans mostly favoring G2 marginally more than Dplus KIA.

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The rest of the day also has some awesome matchups so it will be a packed opening day for the Swiss stage, so it will be worth keeping an eye on the events. Fnatic, NRG, and kt Rolster are also scheduled to play later today.


Today’s League of Legends eSports Schedule Has G2 Esports vs Dplus KIA, Among Other Amazing Matchups

The ongoing 2023 Worlds 23 is the conclusion of this year's League of Legends Esports season.
The ongoing 2023 Worlds 23 is the conclusion of this year’s League of Legends Esports season.

The biggest League of Legends event, Worlds 23 is underway, and the first of the Swiss stage has already seen a great matchup conclude, giving the Beijing JD Gaming Intel Esports their first win, and joining Cloud9, Gen.G, and T1 at the top of the table.

The first set of games has already seen some amazing results, with T1 defeating Team Liquid Honda, while Cloud9 defeated MAD Lions. Gen.G defeated GAM Esports, while the just concluded games have seen Beijing JD Gaming Intel Esports Club defeat Team BDS and G2 Esports beat Dplus KIA.


G2 Esports had an amazing year so far and they have carried their form to Worlds 23, beating another fan-favorite Dplus KIA in a close match. Coming to the rest of the matchups today, WeiboGaming FAW AUDI will take on NRG, Suzhou LNG Esports will take on Fnatic, and to conclude the day, BLG will take on kt Rolster.

Swiss Stage Will See 16 Teams Competing Against Each Other Over Five Rounds

League of Legends Esports' Worlds 23 event enters the Swiss Stage today, with 16 teams competing in Round 1.
League of Legends Esports’ Worlds 23 event enters the Swiss Stage today, with 16 teams competing in Round 1.

The League of Legends Esports event Worlds 23 started on the 10th of October and will conclude on the 19th of November, with 22 teams in total taking part looking to win the Summoner’s Cup and bag the winning prize of $445,000. The team placed second will also take home a decent $333,750 while teams ending up 3rd and 4th will take home $178,000.


At the time of writing, the top half of the Swiss stage table is occupied by Cloud9, G2 Esports, Gen.G, JD Gaming, T1, and Weibo Gaming. There will be two more games scheduled for today, with Fnatic’s match against LNG already underway. KT Roster will take on Bilibili Gaming.

The biggest League of Legends Esports event in the world, Worlds 23 hosts teams from around the world in a month-long event. The Swiss stage will see two teams directly qualify for the Play-in stages and join 14 other direct entries from China, Europe, North America, and South Korea. The 16 teams in the Swiss Stage will face off against each other in Round 1, pitting against teams from different regions.


The remaining rounds in the Swiss stage will be seed-based, with each team seeded based on their win-loss record from Round 1. Advancement matches and Eliminations will be played in a Best of Three format, while all other matches will be a Best of One. Teams with 3 wins in the Swiss stage will advance to the Knockout stage while those with three losses will see themselves eliminated.

Before the Swiss Stage, the Play-ins involved LOUD defeating GAM Esports and then being dominated by PSG Talon who had previously defeated Movistar R7. GAM Esports went on to defeat Movistar R7, eliminating them, and then defeated LOUD as well, to progress to the Knockouts.


The other bracket saw Team Whales defeat Team BDS in Round 1 and CTBC Flying Oyster, who pushed DetonatioN FocusME to the lower bracket, in Round 2. Team BDS went on to defeat DetonatioN FocusME and CTBC, eliminating them. The finals saw GAM Esports defeat TEAM WHALES and Team BDS defeat PSG Talon.

There’s no predicting the top two who will qualify directly from the Swiss Stage after five rounds, however, there’s a guarantee for some good battles between some of the best Esports teams at Worlds 23.


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