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Leaked Birds Of Prey Image Reveals New Look At Huntress

Birds of Prey huntresss

More hype is circulating Birds of Prey as a new leaked image has surfaced on the internet, giving a new look at Huntress.

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The image in question is a grainy look at some of the Birds of Prey. The image offers a look at Renee Montoya, Black Canary, and Huntress, all standing together ready for battle. However, what is getting fans hyped up is the outfit Huntress is wearing. This would be the first time fans see a full costume for Huntress.

The heroine seems to be in her superhero attire and it looks to be ripped straight out of the comic book. This comes as a surprise to many fans as Huntress was not wearing this costume or really featured in the trailer. Speculation has led fans to believe that the reason why she was not prominently featured was for this reveal. 

Huntress has always been an interesting character to include in the story of Birds of Prey as her origins were very much related to crime in Gotham City. Not to mention that Huntress has always been a member of the female-led team.

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Fans can only hope that the character will be well portrayed by actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead. It is a bummer however that the image of Huntress leaked online as fans will not be surprised when the film comes out showing Huntress in full superhero regalia. 

Nevertheless, despite the leak, it has sent the excitement for Birds of Prey through the roof as many Dc fans will now be flocking to theaters for the heroine’s first onscreen debut. It is also only fitting that she should be wearing the costume that makes her a hero. Hopefully, when she arrives on the big screen, she will live up to the hype set by the new trailer and this leaked image.

Birds of Prey releases on the 6th of February, 2020. Let us know in the comments if you’re excited for the new DCEU addition.

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