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‘Learning a lot about managing the Stranger Things Cinematic Universe’: Stranger Things Boss Shawn Levy Says STCU Will Have Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Crossover

stranger things

Stranger Things is surely one of the most iconic contributions to the world of pop culture. It has been a worldwide sensation since its debut on Netflix. It is already reported that the series can be progressing to a full-fledged Cinematic Universe with numerous spin-offs and other stuff. But the most startling information came at the Red Carpet of the Emmys 2022. The Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy claimed that he wants the residents of Hawkins to meet with Wade Wilson aka the Deadpool.   

The Adam Project Director Shawn Levy Will Direct Deadpool 3
Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds

The start of all this dates back to when Shawn Levy was roped in by the studio to lead the Deadpool project in the MCU which is currently yet to start filming. So it can be cited that this crazy idea can have its origin there.

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Is Wade Wilson to set foot in Hawkins?

By now, the camaraderie between Shawn Levy and the Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is quite strong after a series of back-to-back collaborations. Looks like, with Deadpool 3, Shawn Levy also wants to include Reynolds’ Wade Wilson in his Stranger Things universe.

Shawn Levy Wants Stranger Things to collaborate with Deadpool
Shawn Levy wants a Deadpool and Stranger Things crossover

At the Red Carpet of the Emmys 2022, Shawn Levy was asked about his STCU[Stranger Things Cinematic Universe] by Variety. To this, the Night at the Museum director said that he is not only actively working on it but also using the valuable knowledge that he is gaining from Kevin Feige:

“Yes, we are building out the STCU, and now that I’m spending time with [chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment] Kevin Feige, I’m learning a lot about how to manage a universe,” he said. “So I’m taking those skills and applying them to the STCU.”

The most eccentric comment came after this as it was revealed that Levy actually is planning for an amalgamation of both the STCU and the MCU:

“Funnily enough, [“Deadpool” star] Ryan [Reynolds] and I were trying to figure out how in the world could we do a ‘Deadpool’-‘Stranger Things’ crossover. We haven’t cracked it yet, but it’s on the table.”

Although the news seems too crazy and intriguing, this should be taken with a grain of salt for now as it not only sounds too good to happen but also madly hilarious. 

Ryan Renolds, Shawn Levy
Deadpool 3 is to be directed by Shawn Levy

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The future of the Stranger Things universe

Season 4 of Stranger Things just had its debut a few months ago on Netflix and undoubtedly it outpassed all the past seasons. The fans absolutely loved it and the ending has already created massive anticipation for the fifth season. 

Stranger Things Cast
Stranger Things Cast

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Reportedly Stranger Things will end the main storyline with the fifth season, about which we scarcely know anything. A spin-off show is also under development although the Duffer Brothers may not return to the director’s chair. By the talks of the STCU, Shawn Levy can really be the Kevin Feige of this universe and we can eye to get more inclusions in this world of upside-down and Demogorgon. 

All the seasons of Stranger Things can be streamed on Netflix

Source: Variety

Written by Subham Mandal

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