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Legacy of the Black Knight: Eternals Post-Credit Scene Explained

Legacy of the Black Knight: Eternals Post-Credit Scene Explained

It almost seems like a consensus opinion that Dane Whitman didn’t get enough screen time in Eternals. However, we are sure to see more of the Black Knight in the future. Fans were left wanting more Kit Harington when the credits started rolling. An actor this prestigious wouldn’t be in the MCU for such a small role, right?  When the credits concluded, the film brought fans exactly what they were looking for. While Harry Styles and Eros stole the show halfway through, the post-credit belonged to the Black Knight.

Spoilers ahead for Eternals!

The Legacy of the Black Knight

Legacy of the Black Knight

The legacy of the Black Knight and the Ebony Blade is an interesting one. In brief, the blade has been passed down for generations in (and outside of) the Whitman family, allowing the wielder to become the Black Knight. The wielder of the Ebony Blade is granted all kinds of abilities, including immortality. Unfortunately, the Ebony Blade is not just a gift, but also a curse. This is depicted ever so subtly in the post-credit scene, as we see “Death is my reward.” inscribed onto the chest containing the Ebony Blade. Bonded with its wielder, the Ebony Blade hungers for violence, bloodlust, and death the more it is used. Each evil act committed while wielding the Blade taints it, further increasing the sword’s hunger for violence.

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While this may not be an issue for Dane, he isn’t the first person to wield the sword. The Ebony Blade and the mantle of the Black Knight have complicated histories which are sure to be explored at length in the future of the MCU. The sword was created by the legendary wizard Merlin as a dark counterpart to Excalibur. Death and destruction have consistently accompanied the Ebony Blade and its wielder throughout space and time.

Post-Credit Scene – From Dane Whitman to Black Knight

Ready (sort of) to embrace his destiny, we see Dane Whitman hovering over a closed chest. Nervous as can be, Dane knows that to remain close with Sersi and become a hero, all paths lead to the Ebony Blade. When he opens the chest, mystical voices engulf his ears and ours. Dane examines the Blade, running his hands over the top of it, primed to wield this legendary weapon. Before he manages to find the courage and grab the sword, the biggest surprise of the movie causes the theater to erupt.

“Sure you’re ready for that, Mr. Whitman?”

The screen cuts to black and half-man, half-vampire Blade is officially in the MCU. I truly wish I would’ve recognized the voice of Mahershala Ali during my first viewing in the theater. While I was seated, I personally thought I heard The Watcher, with those around me claiming they heard Nick Fury. It wasn’t until I walked out and texted my Agents of Fandom cohost Garrett Blaney that he clued me into the exciting reality.

Blade Is Officially In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

While this had previously been announced by Kevin Feige, hearing his voice on screen for the first time after Eternals was an exciting first reveal. The Black Knight and Blade have connections in the comics, so it stands to reason they could be partnered up in the MCU as well.

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Written by TJ Zwarych