LEGO x Fortnite Is On the Way and Here Sooner Than Expected

Epic Games and LEGO's collaboration might just be announced by early 2024, rumors indicate.

LEGO x Fortnite is on the Way and Here Sooner than Expected


  • Epic Games x LEGO partnership rumored to be announced soon.
  • Fortnite could see LEGO-themed content additions coming by 2024.
  • LEGO rumored to be bringing a Battle Bus build.
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Fortnite and LEGO have been long-rumored to be collaborating together and now that seems to come to fruition soon. While LEGO is known for collaborations with well-known franchises like Marvel, DC, and Star Wars, Fortnite has also collaborated with plenty of franchises bringing in famous characters, most notably John Wick, plenty of Marvel and DC characters, and a complete God of War Bundle.


With the collaboration, Fortnite will get LEGO content in-game as well as LEGO sets based on the game. An official announcement is yet to be made, but if rumors are to be believed, gamers will see what the collaboration brings, as early as next year.

Fortnite LEGO Sets Arriving Early 2024, As Per Latest Leaks

LEGO x Epic Games partnership could bring in a lot of LEGO bundles including loot items to Fortnite.
LEGO x Epic Games partnership could bring in a lot of LEGO bundles including loot items to Fortnite.

Last year, Epic Games announced that it has entered into a partnership with The Lego Group and that the long-term partnership will “shape the future of the metaverse” and “build an immersive, creatively inspiring, and engaging digital experience for kids of all ages”.


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Nothing much was revealed after that, until August this year, when a rumored update to Fortnite, v.27.00, was considered “the size of a new season”. Again, nothing substantial was revealed or announced by Epic Games or LEGO at that point. Now, noted leaker x/@ShiinaBR has revealed a ‘Llama Polybag’ LEGO product which was originally leaked by another popular LEGO leaker on Instagram, @exabrickslegogo_.

It’s not yet clear whether the polybag is part of a one-off promotion to announce the Epic Games x LEGO partnership or if it will be a Fortnite loot item in-game. According to the original leaker from Instagram, @exabrickslegogo_, there are two LEGO sets numbered 40664 and 40665, including Brickheadz of Fortnite‘s The Foundation, Haven, Spider-Man rumored to be coming together in a bundle along with several other Brickheadz.


Previous LEGO x Gaming Tie-Ups and What LEGO Can Bring to Fortnite

Nintendo announced a collab between LEGO and Animal Crossing via a social media post.
Nintendo announced a collab between LEGO and Animal Crossing via a social media post.

Just a few days back, Nintendo made it official by posting the announcement on X (formerly Twitter) which was welcomed by both sets of fans. The post also revealed eight characters from the game, Tom Nook, Isabelle, Kapp’n, Rosie, Bunnie, Marshall, Fauna, and Julian in the form of LEGO Brickheadz, lined up for a release by March next year.

Epic Games and LEGO are said to be working on a project that will bring LEGO creations to the game as well. The leaks claimed to bring real-life LEGO builds, built with a full set of “Brick Database” using which players can build their own blocky worlds which can then be imported into the game via Unreal Engine.

There are also said to be several cosmetic items, NPCs, limited-time modes, and a creative map involving several LEGO characters in the game.


Fortnite‘s Chapter 4 Season 5 was expected to bring the LEGO collaboration, which is now expected to be a “one-month season” with Chapter 5 expected to drop around December this year. Chapter 5 is now rumored to be a massive update, and is expected to include the LEGO collab.

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On the other hand, a massive LEGO Battle Bus is also expected to be announced by LEGO as part of the collab, which could cost close to $300. LEGO has several builds available in collaboration with other popular games like Super Mario, Minecraft, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Donkey Kong. They have all gone on to be quite successful so a partnership with Fortnite feels surprisingly late at the moment.


Fortnite‘s ongoing Chapter 4: Season 4, named Last Resort, features heists, vampires, Star Wars’ Ahsoka, Nolan Chance, Antonia, Khaby Lame, Kado Thorne, and many others.

As for now, the rumors about the LEGO x Epic Games partnership happening any time this year should be taken with a grain of salt as things keep getting updated in the gaming industry, especially with regard to rumors.

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