Exclusive Psychological Horror Title, Lempo, Lands on PlayStation 5 This Week


Lempo is an upcoming psychological horror video game that will be released in less than a week on the PlayStation 5. The planned release date for the intriguing title is September 7, which comes as a welcome surprise for many fans of the PS5 and horror video games in general. Titles in similar genres usually aim for an October release, which is perfect being just in time for the Halloween season.

Lempo has been developed by studio One Trick Entertainment, is going to be published by PID Games, and will also be released on PC simultaneously with its PlayStation 5 console counterpart.

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Everything We Know About the PS5 Exclusive Lempo So Far

Lempo Is an Upcoming Psychological Horror PlayStation 5 Console Exclusive.
Lempo Is an Upcoming Psychological Horror PlayStation 5 Console Exclusive.

Although some details about Lempo, like how much it will cost at release, have still not been revealed, it has been confirmed that the upcoming psychological horror title will not be coming out on the PlayStation 4.

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Even its PlayStation 5 console exclusivity seems a bit confusing, especially considering how the marketing for console exclusive games is heavily handled by the platform itself, along with also having to pay an “exclusivity fee.” However, it seems PlayStation had nothing to do with any of the development or marketing for the intriguing horror video game.

Until now, there are still no reports of Lempo getting an Xbox release, but of course, like many timed-exclusives, an Xbox port can’t be ruled completely out of the question. Publisher PID Games recently shared the official trailer and description for its upcoming horror title.

It describes Lempo as “a psychological horror game” whose lore is “inspired by Finnish mythology.” The game will put players in the shoes of “Paul,” a “casual 9 to 5 guy” who just happened to get “lost in a forest” after packing up from his job. Paul will have to “uncover stories of people” who somehow got “trapped in” the natural oblivion of “Metsanpeitto,” a prominent phenomenon in Finnish folklore.

In Lempo, players will only come across a limited number of “items,” and that is all they’ll have to “find out” exactly what is going on “in this eerie place.” The end goal is for Paul to “go back to” his “peaceful life before” the “malevolent forest consumes” him.

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The Standout Features in the Upcoming Horror Game, Lempo

Lempo Will be Released on September 7 for the PlayStation 5.
Lempo Will be Released on September 7 for the PlayStation 5.

Lempo will throw its players into a paranormal forest as they explore Metsanpeitto’s mystical aspects, with the only thing helping them see their path being a flashlight and lighter. You’ll have to look for specific items to reveal the deep secrets of the forest, with the compass being an important tool to help you escape. The game is heavily inspired by Finnish mythology, with Metsanpeitto being an otherworldly realm that captures souls.

Mortals are obviously not welcome here, as they wouldn’t even be able to comprehend what they’re witnessing. Lempo will feature a setting worthy of nightmares, with disturbing visuals and sounds to stop the player from distinguishing between what’s real and what isn’t. Paul will have to go through various ordeals and meet unimaginable entities to escape from this forest.

Moreover, escaping the forest in Lempo will actually require complex puzzle-solving instead of battles or combat. Will Paul be able to escape the forest with his mind and body intact? That’s up to you.

Will you check Lempo out this coming week? Could this be a great title to pick up just before the Halloween season? Let us know in the comments!

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