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Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Younger Models Put Him in a Humiliating Spot After His Ex-girlfriend Was Mistaken For His Daughter

Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Younger Models Put Him in a Humiliating Spot After His Ex-girlfriend Was Mistaken For His Daughter

Leonardo DiCaprio might be an A-list Hollywood star with a filmography even his peers would be jealous of. But the actor has recently been more on the news for his dating preferences rather than his films. DiCaprio took center stage on various social media platforms when multiple people noticed his dating pattern.

Many people have concluded that DiCaprio allegedly doesn’t date women who are more than 25 or 26 years old. Due to this, many ridiculed him and made endless memes about his dating life. But the arguably funniest and yet most mortifying incident happened to the Titanic star when a woman mistook DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend for his daughter.

Woman Thinks Camila Morrone Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Daughter

Camila Morrone
Camila Morrone

A Tiktok video is going viral and it is making some giggle while others are mortified on behalf of the woman making it. Neda Mazd, in a Tiktok video, revealed that she mistook Leonardo DiCaprio to be Camila Morrone’s father during a trip to their home to adopt a Siberian Husky puppy.

The Los Angeles resident thrilled internet users when she revealed that it all started when she wanted to adopt a dog during the beginning of the pandemic. The shelter she contacted put her in touch with Camila Morrone, who was fostering a pair of Siberian Huskies called Jack and Jill with DiCaprio. The model invited Mazd to take look at the dog before adoption. Throughout this entire exchange, the Tiktok user had no idea who Morrone was.

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Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

But she said that something wasn’t right when she reached the home that Morrone and DiCaprio shared. The Tiktoker first noticed how luxurious and expensive everything was. Mazd said in her video:

“There were security guards everywhere. They had Teslas everywhere, Erewhon bags everywhere, it was super bougie. There was a tennis court, a full water fountain in the swimming pool.” 

The Tiktok user said that she was greeted by Morrone who took her to the backyard where the two dogs were playing. There she noticed “This guy with a dad bod and a cap on, he looks like he’s 45-50. He was obviously trying to be inconspicuous, and I look at him, and I’m like, ‘Oh is that your dad?’ (to Morrone).” But Morrone didn’t like hearing that.


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Camila Morrone and her dog Sally
Camila Morrone and her dog Sally

Mazd said, “She looked at me weirdly and was like, ‘No, that’s my boyfriend.’ I was like, ‘Oh.'” After that Mazd adopted one of the dogs, Jack. The Los Angeles native only got to know who she had met when she actively researched them. She said in her video:

“I was like, ‘Who is this girl?’ So I go to look her up and she has a verified check and two million Instagram followers. She’s a model, influencer, all this stuff. I’m like, ‘What?’ I look up who her boyfriend is and it’s Leonardo DiCaprio, and I’m like, ‘That was the dude in the backyard, who I thought was her father.’ It was really hilarious.” 

While Neda Mazd adopted Jack, Morrone and DiCaprio kept Jill who they renamed Sally. Mazd confirmed that she and Morrone had playdates with the dogs. However, she never spotted DiCaprio again. Now, Morrone and DiCaprio have broken up, but it wasn’t an amicable breakup and that’s all due to the dogs.

Leonardo DiCaprio And Ex-Girlfriend Camila Morrone’s Cold War 

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio began dating in December 2017 before splitting in August 2022. Radar Online reported that the breakup wasn’t happy for both parties because each of them wanted custody of the dog. The site reported:

“Leo’s breakup with Camila is a lot more bitter than his many prior galpals, and it’s because of these dogs that he loves like they’re his kids. Neither will give them up and are trying to arrange some type of co-parenting where she’ll have the dogs for a while and then he’ll have them. Neither one is happy about it!” 

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Previously, fans of Leonardo DiCaprio knew that he had two dogs with Camila Morrone. It’s only thanks to Neda Mazd’s video that it has now been revealed that the couple presumably only had one dog, Sally. It’s unknown if the situation between DiCaprio and Morrone has been resolved regarding the pup.

Source: Tiktok and Radar Online

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