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Leonardo DiCaprio Gave Up Veganism To Eat Raw Bison Liver in Oscar-Winning ‘The Revenant’ Because That’s What a “Real mountain man would eat”

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s devotion to his role in The Revenant proves just how great an actor he is.

Even after being an adamant vegan, the award-winning actor broke his dietary rules just so he could deliver a striking performance in the film, which he undoubtedly did. It’s not even something he was forced to do. Surprisingly enough, the Titanic star himself urged to do it in an attempt to make the scene look more realistic and original.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

While shooting the 2015 film, the actor asked for a raw bison liver and ate it without any hesitation as he sacrificed his veganism along with his health in the process, all to maintain authenticity while filming. He truly deserved that Oscar he won for The Revenant.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Relinquished Veganism for Authenticity 

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s dietary preferences aren’t widely known by many, but his friends and fellow co-stars have attested to the actor being a strict vegan no matter what. Whether he’s at an award function or having a lavish dinner with his friends, DiCaprio isn’t one to indulge in meat-based products under any circumstance. Except for one.

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Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass in The Revenant
Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass in The Revenant (2015)

When DiCaprio, 48, was filming Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant, he was supposed to do a scene wherein Hugh Glass, his lead character, had to eat meat. Now the props department was ready with a faux liver for the actor. But DiCaprio chose to go for a real and that too raw bison liver instead, because “a real mountain man” wouldn’t shy away from such a situation.

The Revenant narrates the story of Hugh Glass, a frontiersman who is deserted by his companion and forced to overcome the cruel temper of mother nature in order to survive. So naturally, DiCaprio’s character was to be portrayed as an inherently tough man who doesn’t deter from a challenge. And The Wolf of Wall Street actor didn’t just want to make it look convincing, he wanted to make it wholly authentic.

Leonardo DiCaprio Ate Real, Uncooked Bison Liver for The Revenant 

In one of his interviews, Clay Landry, who was overseeing the technical and historical aspects with regard to The Revenant, revealed how DiCaprio’s resolve behind not using a prop was unshakeable. He remarked how the major thing that inspired the Academy Award-winning star to consume raw meat was his commitment to getting into the very essence of Hugh Glass’ character.

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DiCaprio ate raw bison liver during the film
DiCaprio ate raw bison liver during the film

“Bison liver would be one of the first things a real mountain man would eat when he killed a buffalo.”

DiCaprio’s dedication to his role and the film overall came across as the epitome of talent and hard work in the eyes of not just the film’s director but the entire crew involved in the project. From his co-stars to the producer, everyone had a whole new sense of respect for the Catch Me If You Can star.  After all, he’s not renowned to be one of the most legendary actors for no reason.

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