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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Extremely Demanding Nature Forced Christopher Nolan to Rewrite ‘Inception’ Script Multiple Times

Leonardo DiCaprio's Extremely Demanding Nature Forced Christopher Nolan to Rewrite 'Inception' Script Multiple Times

Within the Hollywood industry, there are certain stars that many creators want to collaborate with on their next projects, and Leonardo DiCaprio always comes out at the top of the list. This phenomenon is all thanks to his nature to perform any given role in an exceptional way, which results in almost all of his films becoming instant hits among the audience and critics alike.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

But that success can only be achieved when everyone gives it their all to make it into a hit, and the Romeo+Juliet star is a shining example of this. Thus, his creative and artistic chops often help him in making the most of his character. But it also becomes somewhat hard to keep up with him, something that director Christopher Nolan learned during the filming of Inception.

Christopher Nolan Admits Working With Leonardo DiCaprio Was A Demanding Task

Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio in a Behind The Scenes still from Inception
Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio in a Behind The Scenes still from Inception

The secret behind making blockbuster hits is quite simple, just ask Leonardo DiCaprio, who thanks to his strict work ethic as well as constructive insights into projects enables the crew to create a masterpiece. But what this nature of the star means for his co-stars and crew members can be understood through the words of Christopher Nolan, the director who worked with the Titanic star on his superhit Sci-Fi film Inception, where he called him a demanding star to work with.

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During an interview with NDTV, the Interstellar director opened up about how working with DiCaprio was a challenging endeavor for him as he brought his own artistic influence and expression to his character, which made him work on the script several times to incorporate new elements to enhance the story. The director also accepted that thanks to DiCaprio’s demanding nature, he was able to work on the script more and challenge himself to yield positive results. He said:

“He is extremely demanding, which actually helped me work out in Inception wherein there is emotional importance in the story, The truthfulness of what he talks about the underlying truths of the character-emotional truths. The journey that character is on, and so we spent months talking about the script and re-writing the script. I spent a long time re-writing the script to make sure that the emotional journey of his character was the…that’s the driving force of the movie,”

Thus, thanks to the dedication of DiCaprio and the cooperation of Nolan, Inception was able to become the box office success that it is now.

What Was So Special About Inception?

A concept art for Inception
Concept art for Inception

In classic Nolan fashion, Inception was a mind-boggling visual and narrative feast, not to mention, an amazing display by the actors who brought their respective characters to life through their exceptional performances. What made this film stand out was the fact that it explored yet another aspect of humanity with a thrilling and suspenseful narrative that leaned heavily on the Sci-Fi side, but was equally matched with emotional and physical aspects as well, all the while not forgetting the main plot of dream-diving in the midst of all of it.

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Inception, streaming on HBO Max.

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