“Let me be Thor”: Helldivers 2 Could Make Marvel Great Again with 1 Simple Idea

There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable fans.

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  • A Helldivers 2 player has a very original idea to make some changes to an already-released armor.
  • Reddit users proposed this armor, which will absorb all arc energy and then unleash it as an attack on any nearby enemies.
  • The entire community liked this idea, which got a lot of traction on Reddit.
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With the community finally closing the entire Sony debacle, Helldivers 2 players are ready to get back to normal, continue playing, and enjoy spreading democracy throughout the galaxy. On Reddit, an avid player of the game pitched a new armor with a passive skill that will harvest all the power of any arc-based weapon and then make a boost of damage to any enemy of your choice. 


This will cause a change in the already-released armor, which will be even slower and not regenerate as well. This particular skill resembles that of a Marvel character, such as Thor or Black Panther.

Helldivers 2 Players are Looking for New Ways to Face Democracy

Helldivers 2 players are getting new and crazy ideas.
Helldivers 2 players are getting new and crazy ideas.

Arrowhead Game Studios, the team behind Helldivers 2, is always looking for new ways to make the title more likeable for the players and the community. In less than six months since its release, the title has created unforgettable moments thanks to the strong relationship between fans and developers. On Reddit, the players are always suggesting new ideas that could be added to the game.


A Reddit user submitted that the EX-03 Prototype 3 Armor should receive a new perk that will make it more useful and powerful in battle.

An idea for the Cutting Edge armor perk. Let me be Thor please!
byu/Dreadino inhelldivers2

This user said that the team could add an interesting passive perk for this Cutting Edge Warbond armor. The idea is that the armor absorbs all the arc energy in its surroundings to later drop it as a powerful attack. The armor will absorb 95% of this particular energy. 


The Players Are Pitching New Ideas That Could Work Well with the Game’s Dynamic

Helldivers 2 is always ready to listen to the community.
Helldivers 2 is always ready to listen to the community.

Other users immediately agreed with this post, saying that it looks like a Thor or Black Panther kind of ability and will be ideal to make another player shoot the armor to harvest energy.

The discussion continued and said that the arc-based weapons were not so effective, and that this combination could really be a good strategy to defeat several enemies at the same time. The idea should reach Johan Pilestedt, the game’s director.

This makes other players propose similar ideas, such as an armor with an EMP blast that allows the player to escape a swarm of enemies. Of course, these kinds of perks are on the border of being abilities like some kind of hero shooter, so it wouldn’t work if they were very powerful because they would unbalance all the game enemies and attacks in general. This kind of idea is always well-received by the community.


Arrowhead Game Studios consistently develops new weapons, armor, and perks to enhance the Helldivers 2 experience. Particularly following the release of a new Warbond armed with weapons, the entire dynamic will be disrupted. The game community eagerly anticipates new additions that significantly alter the gameplay, such as the studio’s introduction of mechs that are only usable once per mission.

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