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‘Let them make their own Marvel movies. For us, it’s English’: Jimmy Kimmel Educated David Harbour on Why Red Guardian Doesn’t Speak Russian in Black Widow

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Stranger Things fame David Harbour’s debut in the MCU in Black Widow was a welcome surprise that everyone within the fandom seemed to enjoy. The character of Red Guardian, who was an attempt to make a Captain America counterpart by the Soviet Union for Soviet Russia seemed to intrigue fans about how it would’ve gone down between Steve Rogers and Alexei Shostakov if they had faced each other during the cold war.

Red Guardian Thunderbolts
David Harbour as Red Guardian

But alas, there is little to no way that we could witness that now, as both of them have lost the powers of their prime days. But in between all of these questions and theories that the fans are coming up with, Harbour has caught on to the fact which is so nonsensical to him that he doesn’t want to let go. Although to his surprise, Jimmy Kimmel has a simple and effective answer to his troubling question.

Jimmy Kimmel Answers Why Red Guardian Speaks English And Not Russian

Reasons david Harbour is underrated
David Harbour

Recently, it seems like David Harbour has unintentionally been connected to Russia. From his character of Jim Hopper being teleported to Russia to fight off the Demi-Gorgons in Stranger Things to his red-clad superhero avatar of Red Guardian introduced in the MCU as Russia’s version of Captain America created during the cold war to fight the Americans on equal grounds. But keeping these coincidences aside, Harbour seems to be irked by something much more fundamental that many forgot to catch in Black Widow.

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During the entire duration of the film, we saw David Harbour’s character speak in English, which is nothing uncommon, but when you really pay attention to the details, it seems kind of off to watch a Russian Man who lives in Russia to speak only in English during the whole film. This was certainly a big issue that Harbour has taken to heart and has been debating with many people about this inconsistency.

But the host of the late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! had an answer that was that made sense in a way. During his interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Harbour brought the issue up to know the opinions of the host on the matter. But Kimmel had come prepared, and when the question was finally put in front of him, he had only one thing to say: “Let them make their own Marvel movies. For us, it’s English.”

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What’s Next For Red Guardian?

Thunderbolts cast
The cast of Thunderbolts

It has already been confirmed that David Harbour is all set to make another appearance as the Red Guardian in the upcoming Thunderbolts film. Along with him, many familiar faces are also set to make their presence felt on screen with Harrison Ford’s debut in the MCU as Colonel Thaddeus Ross after he took the mantle from the late. William Hurt. All in all, the upcoming film might just annoy Harbour even more with the lack of Russian from Red Guardian.

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Thunderbolts, in cinemas on 26th July 2024.

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