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“Let’s do another lap!”: Tom Cruise Left ‘Daredevil’ Nicole Kidman Who Loved Skydiving With Him for Penelope Cruz Who Made Him Cook Meals Instead

“Let’s do another lap!”: Tom Cruise Left ‘Daredevil’ Nicole Kidman Who Loved Skydiving With Him for Penelope Cruz Who Made Him Cook Meals Instead

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman used to be the perfect Hollywood pair, but their marriage ended in 2001. Many of their followers were taken aback by the couple’s decision to break ways, especially given their mutual admiration for risky pursuits like skydiving.

Cruise reportedly left Kidman for Penelope Cruz, who was more interested in his preparing her meals than leaping out of the aircraft, so it appears that even skydiving couldn’t salvage their marriage.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s Daredevil Relationship

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise’s love life has been as eventful as his cinematic career. In the early 2000s, Tom Cruise married Nicole Kidman, his co-star in Days of Thunder. The pair seemed to have celebrity, riches and a shared love for adrenaline-fueled hobbies like skydiving.

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In an interview with Vanity Fair in 1995, Tom Cruise was delighted to talk about his daredevil wife reporting her keen interest in taking on adrenaline-filled adventures with him.

“This woman got in the car with me when I was driving 185 miles an hour, and at the end of it she said, ‘Let’s do another lap!’”

However, their relationship did not last long. In 2001, Tom Cruise filed for divorce from Nicole Kidman, citing irreconcilable differences. It has been speculated that their shared thirst for adventure eventually drove them apart.

Then came Penelope Cruze. Cruise and Cruz first met on the set of Vanilla Sky not long after his divorce. The two instantly hit it off and began dating. But, their connection was considerably different from his prior one with Kidman. Penelope Cruz reportedly has no desire to go skydiving or any other extreme activity.

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Cooking Over Skydiving

Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz
Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz

Cruz rather loved staying in and making dinner for Tom Cruise. This shifted from Tom Cruise’s former lifestyle, but he seemed eager to adjust to Penelope Cruz. Insiders close to the pair have said that Tom Cruise liked cooking with Cruz so much that he would regularly make dinners for his family and friends.

Many were surprised to see this side of Tom Cruise, but it appeared that he had finally met someone who shared his interest in cooking. Whereas where did Nicole Kidman go? Following her split with Tom Cruise, she appears to continue pursuing her passion for adventure. In an interview with Today in 2018, Kidman said she still enjoys skydiving and describes the process.

“Standing there, just going, ‘I want to,’ and then ‘Oh, no, no, no’ and just jumping anyway.”

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman

Despite infidelity accusations against Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz made it clear that no cheating was involved. On the flip side, fans believed that Kidman was envious of Cruz since she catered more to Cruise’s gastronomic tastes than his adventurous ones.

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Fast forwarding to the present, Tom Cruise continues to enjoy life to the fullest. Besides his Mission: Impossible franchise hitting theatres later this year, Tom Cruise seems content with being single after his short-lived relationship with actress Haley Atwell ended not too long ago.

Source: Vanity Fair

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