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“Let’s hope James Gunn can take it to another level”: Fans Divided As The CW’s Arrowverse Finally Concludes After 11 Years

"Let's hope James Gunn can take it to another level": Fans Divided As The CW's Arrowverse Finally Concludes After 11 Years

11 years ago when the Arrowverse began, a DC tele-universe, fans had many anticipations and hope for the mega-series. Multiple TV shows that began with the hit Arrow series, led to the start of Arrowverse. Despite numerous storylines and mega-crossovers, it has not been able to achieve the impact and height of its predecessors.

Arrowverse to end soon
Arrowverse to end soon

Now when it is finally coming to an end with The Flash in its last season and the confirmation that Superman & Lois is set up on a different Earth, fans have mixed reactions. With James Gunn making major changes to the DC universe, many fans hope that DC might finally get the break it so deserves.

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Fans Divided As Arrowverse Comes To An End

Flash season 9 will mark the end of Arrowverse
Flash S9 will mark the end of Arrowverse

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While fans were anticipating that Arrowverse was soon headed to its ultimate end, no one thought that it would be happening so soon. This ending has left many excited as well as disappointed regarding the future of DC tele-verse.

Here is how the social media reacted to the news,

With Nextstar’s acquisition of CW complete and James Gunn and Peter Safran making major changes to the DC universe, along with shows being canceled, it would be interesting to see where the future of DC lies.

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Fans Hopeful For James Gunn’s Version Of DC

Fans hopeful as James Gunn take over DC
Fans hopeful as James Gunn take over DC

James Gunn is known as the ultimate Superhero movie maker. With his vision and expertise, fans are optimistic to see Gunn’s version of DC. Arrowverse may be ending, but the DC tele-verse is still going strong with new DC shows in the making.

Gunn has shown his talent in the Marvel Universe for far too long, giving blockbusters after blockbusters. With DC announcing five television series under Gunn and Peter Safran‘s leadership, fans are right to remain hopeful. We certainly can’t wait to see how Gunn’s approach to DC would differ from Snyderverse and Arrowverse.

You can catch the whole of Arrowverse on HBO Max.

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