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Liam Hemsworth Regularly Matched Jennifer Lawrence’s Weird Energy in $2.9B Franchise Kissing Scene: “Had garlic. Didn’t brush my teeth – Fantastic, can’t wait to get in there & taste it”

Liam Hemsworth Regularly Matched Jennifer Lawrence's Weird Energy in $2.9B Franchise Kissing Scene: "Had garlic. Didn’t brush my teeth - Fantastic, can’t wait to get in there & taste it"

Although Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth have been romantically linked, they have claimed to be anything but a couple. Certainly calling themselves best friends, the duo appeared together in The Hunger Games franchise. Matching Lawrence’s weird energy, Hemsworth has been best pals with the babe for a long time.

Liam Hemsworth
Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence, who happens to be besties shared great moments while filming The Hunger Games, however, some of them were overly weird and awkward. Discussing kissing sequences with Lawrence, the actor mentioned hating locking lips with her because apparently, the cheeky actress ate smelly foods prior to shooting. 

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Liam Hemsworth And Jennifer Lawrence In The Hunger Games

Despite struggling to accept the movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ novel The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence readily accepted the role watching Gary Ross’ passion for the story. Portraying the role of the fiery Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games franchise, Lawrence made eyes look her way. Expressing her love and passion for the novel through her acting, Lawrence mentioned how she will “always be tied to the character”. 

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Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games

Appearing alongside her co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence had a great time filming the movies. Being an essential part of the story and the movie’s success, the trio claim to relate to their roles to this day. Appearing in one of the hottest projects of Hollywood, the trio won hearts with their gripping performance. 

Having a fun time on set from getting drunk to being high, the trio became great friends. But Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence had a much closer bond which made them best friends even after the completion of the movie. Tapping into Lawrence’s weirdness, Hemsworth played along with the actress. Gushing over each other during interviews the pair even raised eyebrows regarding their relationship. 

Liam Hemsworth
The trio from The Hunger Games

However, despite sharing romantic scenes, Hemsworth and Lawrence have been nothing but friends. Because the inside details were only known to the actor until he shared them with the world during his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 


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Liam Hemsworth Hated Kissing Jennifer Lawrence 

Although the world once considered Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth a lowkey couple, the pair claimed to be nothing more than best pals. Thus opening up about their onscreen intimate scenes and what was going on backstage, Hemsworth mentioned hating locking lips with his co-star, Lawrence. Although the actress is known for keeping things unique and somewhat weird, no one expected she might do something so absurd. 

Liam Hemsworth 2
Liam Hemsworth hated kissing Jennifer Lawrence

Apparently, according to Liam Hemsworth, the actress often appeared on set, for kissing scenes, after eating smelly food like garlic and tuna. “She’s one of my best friends, I love her. But, if we had a kissing scene, she would make a point of eating garlic or tuna fish or something that was so disgusting.” Hemsworth mentioned. Although the actor initially hated kissing Lawrence while collaborating on the movie, he eventually matched her weirdness and played along. 

Right before the scene, she’d be like, ‘Yeah, I ate tuna’ or ‘I had garlic, and I didn’t brush my teeth.’ And I’d be like, ‘Fantastic, I can’t wait to get in there and taste it!’” Liam Hemsworth shared. 

Liam Hemsworth
Liam Hemsworth on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

However, although Jennifer Lawrence created a bad experience for Hemsworth, she made sure not to repeat it with Christian Bale in American Hustle. “When I had to kiss Liam in The Hunger Games, I was like, ‘Who cares?’” Lawrence mentioned. She further added, “And then I did American Hustle with Christian Bale and I was like, ‘Oh damn,’ and I was really clean and ate lots and lots of mints”. 

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Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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