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Lies of P Director Confirms Sequel and Showcases Upcoming DLC

A Lies of P sequel has been confirmed by the game's director.

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  • The Lies of P director has confirmed in a video letter that a sequel is in the works.
  • The video discussed an update headed to gamers in November.
  • Two sketches for the upcoming DLC were also shown in the video.

If you are a fan of Soulslike games, then there is a good chance Lies of P is a title that is very familiar to you. The action RPG, which was developed by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio, has received a great deal of praise for its intriguing narrative, advanced combat mechanics, and captivating environment.

While some may still be attempting to complete the game because it is quite challenging, others have finished the main story and are anxiously awaiting any news on the future. Thankfully for fans, Director Choi Ji-Won recently released a Director’s Letter, in which he confirmed that a sequel will be happening.

Ji-Won also briefly discussed plans for a DLC, and expressed that the team is hard at work to bring more Lies of P content to life.

This month, Lies of P crossed a major milestone, when it was announced that one million copies of the game have been cold. It is no surprise that because of this incredible achievement that Ji-Won and the rest of the team wanted to capitalize on this success, which certainly shows in the letter.

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What Ji-Won Discussed in the Lies of P Director’s Letter About the Sequel and DLC

Lies of P
Choi Ji-Won provided fans with a special gift, by including sketches of the upcoming Lies of P DLC.

One of the first things Choi Ji-Won mentioned in his video letter to fans was how thankful the development team is to the fans. He felt the need to express this appreciation, which is what led to the creation of the video letter. In the video, Ji-Won says the following about a sequel and the DLC:

It may be small compared to the support we’ve seen from you, but I hope you enjoy the gift we’ve prepared. Our highest priority is developing the DLC and working on our sequel.

The dev team is putting in significant effort, brainstorming and exploring different aspects of the projects. 

While the most exciting information does not say much about what fans can expect in a Lies of P sequel, at the very least it, verifies the rumors that have been circulating.


Those who were anxiously wondering can now rest assured knowing more content outside of the DLC is set to release in the future. Gamers may also be pleased to hear that the development team is putting in the time to consider various paths they could take for the next game.

Although there is no way to know exactly how a Lies of P sequel would play out, some of the positive reception has been towards the use of a fantasy character like Pinocchio. The choice to have the character in a Soulslike game was met with uncertainty, however, Neowiz has proven the ingenuity of the idea.

It is possible a future game could incorporate more fantasy elements, or even focus on other characters who would respond well to similar treatment.

After Ji-Won subtly referenced the sequel and discussed some upcoming additions to Lies of P, he briefly brought up the DLC in order to provide new images. These pictures are of two sketches from the upcoming content and Ji-Won introduced them by saying:

I wish I could share all the details with you. But if I do that…I would undoubtably face stern reprimands from my fellow developers.

Yet, at the same time, I am genuinely eager to showcase some glimpses of our work. I’ve secretly sneaked sketches from the DLC. 

Although it is clear from the video that the director wished to talk more about the upcoming content, the team seems to be playing things safe, to avoid spoilers.

Additional Information Provided in the Director’s Letter

Lies of P
The Lies of P DLC appears to be something that will not disappoint fans of the Soulslike RPG.

While the reference to a sequel and what might come of DLC is the most breaking information, Ji-Won also provided exciting news for players still enjoying the base game. He revealed that a patch is expected to arrive in November, but the exact date has not been set. It will address weapon balance, default stats, a certain shovel puppet, and much more.

Ji-Won continued by saying that the team had also prepared a gift in appreciation of the fanbase. Since fans have been requesting access to Alidoro’s costume, the November update will add it as an available skin. This will include his iconic mask, which is certainly something players will enjoy.

The Lies of P director seemed to be truly excited for the update and the future of Pinocchio’s intriguing story. Gamers are certainly in for a treat when the protagonist returns in the DLC, and it will hopefully set the stage for what is likely a highly anticipated sequel to the RPG.


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