Lies of P Developer Hint at Other Fairytales as Future Games

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Lies of P was released on September 19th 2023 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC and has been met with mostly positive reviews. Based loosely on the 1883 Italian novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, the game’s developers, Neowiz Games have seemingly teased that Pinocchio is not the only fairytale that will see this treatment.


Lies of P; a Souls-like of its Own

Lies of P
Lies of P is the latest game to take on the Souls-like genre.

Lies of P is a spin on the classic fairytale of Pinocchio developed by Korean developers Neowiz Studios and is what we’ve all come to know as a Souls-like game but with its own spin on the genre. Backdropped by some gorgeous gothic settings inspired by the world of Collodi’s 1883 Pinocchio novel, players are likely to find themselves just wandering around taking in all the scenery in between combat instances and story moments.

With combat akin to other Souls-like games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne; the latter being of a similar vein to this in terms of its gothic setting and similar style, gamers are likely going to find themselves right at home with this latest Souls-like title. With skill, timing and focus players are sure to find a challenge in Lies of P’s combat while feeling a general familiarity to it if, they have played other titles in the Souls-like catalogue. If fans take to Lies of P then this could potentially open to door to more Souls-like games based on other fables and fairy tales.


What Tease is Hidden Within Lies of P?

Lies of P
Players can explore a twisted tale on the classic Pinocchio tale in Lies of P.

As players reach the end of Lies of P they will be met with a secret little scene in which the player sees a mysterious figure who appears to be on the phone to someone. Now here’s the kicker because this mysterious figure mentions the name Dorothy with the going as follows;

“When I come back, I’ll find her. You will. Our other clue is Dorothy.”

With the last few shots of this scene showing what appears to be the feet of a young girl in some bright red shoes you’d be foolish for thinking that this is anything other than a direct tease to a potential Wizard of Oz game within the same vein as this one. While nothing is confirmed it makes fans wonder if this is the hint of a franchise that Neowiz teased a year ago. Which, if true, could be a very interesting franchise with this fresh take on classic fairytales.

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Lies of P
Lies of P is available now!

Lies of P is available now for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, have you played the game yet? Are you planning to? If so what are your thoughts on the game and the potential future franchise that this could create? Let us know below!

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