Lies of P gets Brutal Bloodborne-esque Trailer that’ll Leave You Wanting More

Lies of P is a soon-to-be-released Souls-like RPG created by Neowiz Games and Round 8 studios. Set in a twisted version of the fairy tale world of Pinocchio, you fight through the game as one of Geppeto’s puppets brought to life. The South Korean publishers are certainly turning a lot of heads with their dark and unusual take on the classic children’s story. Many players have already pre-ordered the game which you can do via the Lies of P official website

New Lies of P Weapon Showcase Gameplay Trailer

Steampunk Weaponry in Lies of P
Steampunk Weaponry in Lies of P

The new trailer for Lies of P shows us 7 minutes of gameplay with a focus on the games feature of ‘Weapon assembly’ where players are able to take various weapon parts and combine them to create weird and wonderful instruments of violence to tackle the insane contraptions that stand in their way.

The trailer opens with the player character sporting what disconcertingly seems to be a donkey head hollowed out into a helmet of some sort, and wielding a long curved blade affixed to a handle with a rocket-assisted swing, reminiscent of the Fallout series power hammer. which is used to great effect against a rather dapper-looking fella in a bowler hat.

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Next up is a rather unassuming dagger, except the blade appears to be continuously heated to a red-hot molten state. Still a relatively reserved-looking bit of kit compared to some of the later offerings. This is followed by a combination of sword and buckler, with both fixed together on the right hand of our puppet. the left is sporting some kind of harpoon gun that we don’t get to see in action here.

Lies of P is a very different take on Pinocchio
Lies of P is a very different take on Pinocchio

A gigantic bone-saw blade is next up. a much more visceral take on a greatsword, if a little inelegant. It’s worth noting that this doesn’t seem to be a full-fledged crafting system for weapons. rather, the ability to take 2 existing weapons, and fix the business end of one to the handle of another. which does lead to interesting combinations nonetheless. such as the next beast of an axe, using the shorter handle of a sword, this giant axe head is a piece of rusty metal being held in place by a dozen mannequin-esque arms. even more impressive than this weapon is the boss creature it is being put to work on. eight porcelain legs in ballet heels holding up the gowned torso of a woman in a ruff and powdered wig. the leggy monster gets chopped clean in half by the arm axe.

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The trailer goes on to show off a couple of unique swords found in Lies of P and a few more customized choices but the thing that’s showcased best is the unique stylization of the game. the weapons themselves are clearly exaggerated and outlandish as weaponry in souls like games often are, but they also fit perfectly into the unique aesthetic of the game world. with animatronic horrors that often intentionally look cobbled together in a hurry by a mad puppeteer. Lies of P releases on the 19th of September on Xbox, Playstation, and PC and we have our own Hands-on Preview from our man at Gamescom 2023 for you to check out.

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