Lily-Rose Depp’s The Idol Controversy is What The Witcher Actress Felt With Henry Cavill in Season 1: “It makes a huge difference”

Lily-Rose Depp's The Idol Controversy is What The Witcher Actress Felt With Henry Cavill in Season 1: "It makes a huge difference"
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Popular as the King of Nerds, Henry Cavill is known for his authentic portrayals of comic book and video game characters. His portrayal of Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher was immensely loved by the fans as he resembled the character from the video game, capturing the attention of enthusiastic video game fans.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

However, Henry Cavill was replaced by Liam Hemsworth as he wanted to be true to the source material and had a disagreement with the showrunners of the Netflix Original. But in the midst of the crossfire between Cavill and the showrunners was Anya Chalotra as she had to appear in several nude and semi-nude scenes during the show; including the infamous bath scene in season one of the show. However, she opens up about these moments and how it is affecting her during an interview with The Telegraph.

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Anya Chalotra Feels Restless When She Thinks Of The Intimate Scenes With Henry Cavill

During an exclusive interview with The Telegraph, Anya Chalotra stated how she was not at all aware of the source material of the show. She believed she did not have a chance to play the role of Yennefer of Vengerberg, as her defining quality was beauty that “men wanted her, women wanted to be her.” However, upon calling her agent, she realized that she had the wrong idea of the character.

Anya Chalotra
Anya Chalotra

“It said, ‘she’s gorgeous’. Or something like that. I said to my agent on the phone: ‘I don’t think I’m right for this part. [But] it helped me just play the scene rather than what I thought she was. Maybe I got that completely wrong, which just goes to show.”

Chalotra had several naked and quasi-naked scenes including a scene with Henry Cavill where they had limited exchange of dialogues. The actress explained that on the set it felt normal to her, but when she is not thinking about her character’s storyline, these moments made her feel uneasy.

“I did not think about it while filming. And then when you suddenly stop, and you’re not distracted by your character’s storyline, all these little things you didn’t worry about in the moment come to you. It wasn’t until post-filming that people would ask more about those scenes.”

Anya Chalotra and Henry Cavill's bath scene in The Wither Season 1
Anya Chalotra and Henry Cavill’s bath scene in The Wither Season 1

She continued that she would start having anxiety, as this was her first big project, and if she would be able to do justice to her character.


“That was when my anxiety would start. It was the first big project I’d ever done. I didn’t know how I was going to be on camera more than anything else.”

Anya Chalotra added she was extremely worried if she resembled the character from the source material. When it came to the intimate scenes with Henry Cavill, she was relieved as “they all seemed right at the time.”

“The thing I worried about more than anything is, ‘How am I going to do this character justice?’ When it came to more intimate scenes in season one, they all seemed right at the time. That was a part of Yennefer’s journey. As long as we’re progressing the story, then we’re OK.”

The Wanderlust actress said how “Intimacy co-ordinators make a huge difference,” as the fantasy show had several nude scenes, and these co-ordinators support them in the best way, making them feel comfortable.

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Anya Chalotra Has Not Coped Up With Henry Cavill’s Departure

Netflix has begun airing the third season of The Witcher where Henry Cavill will portray the role of Geralt of Rivia before he is replaced by Liam Hemsworth. The news was made public in 2022’s October. The news dropped like a bomb to the fans of the franchise as everyone believe Henry Cavill was the perfect actor to play the role, thanks to his love for the source and dedication to go through physical changes.

During the same interview, Anya Chalotra stated how it rocked her world, and his loss would be felt by the cast and crew of The Witcher.

“That news was hard to take because he’s family. We’ve been together for five years. So for anyone to leave after working with someone for that long, we’re going to feel that loss.”

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia
Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia

Chalotra added, how everyone would do their best to be true to the source material, but Cavill’s dedication could be seen every day which made her admire her co-star.


“When we are all on set, we’re dedicated to playing these characters and bringing them to life in the best way. And that is exactly what I felt every day from Henry.”

However, the situation started to worsen for Henry Cavill because soon after the news broke about him being replaced by Liam Hemsworth, he lost the role of Superman in James Gunn’s DCU. But fans have rejoiced as the actor would be a part of a Warhammer adaptation for Amazon Prime Video, and he could potentially play the role of Captain Britain in the MCU.

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The Witcher can be streamed on Netflix.


Source: The Telegraph


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