‘The Lion King’ Gets Lukewarm Rotten Tomatoes Score

Disney have been remaking their classic animated movies in live-action and they’ve had mixed critical responses so far with Aladdin sitting at a lackluster 57% whilst The Jungle Book sits at a proud 95%.

Nonetheless, audiences have flocked to these movies and so Disney is unlikely to stop making them anytime soon. Their latest venture, The Lion King, recreates one of the most loved 90s Disney movies with a truly stellar cast. However, the majority of critics did not give it a favorable score with it currently sitting at a measly 57%.

Most of the critics’ reviews seem to hone in on the same flaws which are that it is “bland“, “missing purpose” and far too similar to the original. However, even the negative reviews praise the technical prowess of the movie and the voice acting and so it is likely that it is the story and lack of originality that has dragged this movie down for so many of these reviewers.

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However, some argue that these remakes offer a chance for the younger generation to finally experience Disney’s classic animated movies all over again and, with the original movie sat at a score of 93% and if it is truly as similar as critics claim, it is very likely audiences will love it once more with the live-action coat of paint. Still, there are those that argue Disney would have been better off to simply digitally remaster the old movies and re-release it in cinema.

If you’re looking for a fun popcorn flick and a nostalgia ride, this will likely be enjoyable even if the critics did not think so. After all, audiences disagreed with critics on Aladdin and loved Favreau’s last entry with The Jungle Book so perhaps you’ll enjoy The Lion King.

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