Listen up Todd Howard: Unreal Engine 5 Turns the Most Infamous Fallout Game into a Masterpiece in Concept Trailer

Unreal Engine 5 transforms Fallout: New Vegas into a modern game with brilliant graphics in a fan made trailer.



  • Todd Howard and Bethesda should consider using Unreal Engine 5 for future Fallout games.
  • A YouTuber's Unreal Engine 5 concept trailer reimagines New Vegas with breathtaking visuals and realism.
  • Fallout New Vegas was fan-favourite but had many technical issues and outdated graphics.
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The Fallout series has seen many ups and downs but it still is a fan-favorite for many players. The missteps with Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 have led fans to think again about their favorite game in the entire series, Fallout New Vegas. Released in 2010, Fallout New Vegas was one of the most innovative games by Bethesda as it took the positives from previous Fallout games and further improved on it.  


However, the game suffered from various technical issues at the launch which showed its development issues. Youtuber TeaserPlay showcased a version of Fallout New Vegas in a UE5 engine. This made the fans excited and wanted Bethesda to make a Fallout New Vegas remake. 

Fans want Fallout New Vegas remake 

players' desire to see the remake has been reawakened
Fans of Fallout New Vegas want a remake. | Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout New Vegas

Many developers have been looking to remake fan-favourite games with today’s technology. Games like Dead Space and Resident Evil have received their well-deserved remakes. These remakes not only retain the positives of the original game but also use today’s technology to improve on their graphics capabilities. 


With many games receiving remakes, Fallout fans have been vocal to Bethesda Game Studios and especially towards the director of the studio, Todd Howard. After seeing the fanmade teaser of Fallout New Vegas in Unreal Engine 5 by Youtuber TeaserPlay in 2022, players’ desire to see the remake has been reawakened. 

Rumours about the Fallout 3 remake have been floating on the internet but fans want Bethesda to make the Fallout New Vegas Remake instead. Now with the introduction of Unreal Engine 5, the graphic quality of the game can be comprehensively improved. 

Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 were full of technical bugs.
Bethesda should learn from Fallout 4’s mistakes. | Bethesda Softworks

The fanmade teaser about the Fallout New Vegas Remake was also made in Unreal Engine 5 and was an instant success. The video showed what the remake would look like and is also proof of what Unreal Engine 5 is capable of. The video showed the familiar locations and the character’s model, but with much better graphics and polish. 


Wake-up call for Bethesda’s Todd Howard 

Wake-up call for Bethesda’s Todd Howard
Fallout Series can be remade with UE5. | Bethesda Softworks’s Fallout 76

The fanmade video can be the wake-up for Bethesda to show fans that they still care about the quality and story of their games. The latest titles in the Fallout series like Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 were full of technical bugs and glitches which made the game simply undesirable.


However, Bethesda and Todd Howard can still make their comeback with a remake of Fallout New Vegas in Unreal Engine 5. Even though this won’t be a fresh approach in terms of gameplay or storytelling but this will show fans that they still care about them. 


Fallout New Vegas has been a fan-favourite for a long time and with new technology like UE5, Bethesda has a chance to make a comeback in the Fallout series. With fanmade trailers showing this much potential, Bethesda with their huge resource can actually make a remake of Fallout New Vegas a possibility. 


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