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Little Women: 5 Best Jo March Quotes

Little Women 5 Best Jo March Quotes

Jo March is one of the protagonist siblings from Little Women. The movie is based on Louisa May Alcott’s novel of the same title. The movie tells the story of four siblings with different personalities, ambitions, and passions. The main lead, Jo, is played by Saoirse Ronan.

She is one of the smartest and most independent characters in the Little Women film just as well in the world of classic literature. The fact that during the era it was written, Jo is already defying gender stereotypes. She has a strong sense of self-awareness and that reflects in her lines from the movie.

“I’d Rather Be A Free Spinster And Paddle My Own Canoe.”

Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet L

Jo focuses a lot on her own pursuits and needs. She thinks that there is no need to live up to societal expectations and constraints. Despite the loving relationships that surround her, Jo believes that marriage will only take away her freedom.

In this quote, she affirms living a rather spinster life and not caring what other people may think of her. It took her quite some time before realizing that having someone to spend life with may also mean sharing the freedom together.

“I’m So Sick Of People Saying Love Is All A Woman Is Fit For. I’m So Sick Of It… But I’m So Lonely.”

Jo March Little Women 4

Certainly, this is the most powerful and unforgettable speech from the movie. Jo expresses her frustration towards a world that puts women on an unrealistic pedestal. She reiterates that women have their own purposes in life and they are free to choose whatever role they want to take in society.

Growing up, Jo tries to defy the norms and conventions of society. As she matures, she starts to realize that she can also have freedom and love at the same time.

“God Hasn’t Met My Will Yet.”

Jo March Little Women 2

In the remaining hours of Beth’s life, she consoles Jo by telling her that it is up to God to decide if it’s her time to go. Jo’s blasphemous response reflected both her anger and hopelessness towards her sister’s imminent death.

Beth did not say a word after hearing this from Jo knowing how stubborn her sister can be. She knows that Jo wanted to save her and that she’s determined to do anything, even to challenge the will of God.

“If I’m Going To Sell My Heroine Into Marriage For Money, I Might As Well Get Some Of It.”

Jo March Little Women 5

Publishers in the 1800s usually have the final say in writers’ outputs. Jo’s publisher wanted her to write the story in a way that the heroine ends up marrying. After they agreed, Jo insisted on talking about compensation and copyright issues.

Jo knows how women writers were treated during that era when it comes to creative works. She demanded a just compensation, and if the publisher wants her to alter her character’s story, he might as well give her some extra pay.

“I Intend To Make My Own Way In This World.”

Jo March Little Women 1

She wants to follow the path that she created for herself and not what society built for her. The meaning of this line changes as we see Jo progress and make realizations. Did she achieve her goal? Did she marry? It’s up to the audience to speculate.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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