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Locke & Key Season 2: Fans Explain The Biggest Mistakes In The Second Season

Locke Key Season 2 Fans Explain The Biggest Mistakes In The Second Season

The popular fantasy-horror series Locke & Key wrapped up most of its storyline in nice little bows as Season 2 came to an end. With lots of twists and turns in season 2, the show will now feature a fresh villain in season 3. Whoever has watched the Locke & Key series knows the Locke family has proven themselves along with their allies but the playing fields seem to have another plan. Even though the show has covered all of its bases, fans seem to be quite disappointed with the new season. Despite some major changes that have set an interesting stage for Netflix’s Locke & Key, some fans have explained the biggest mistakes in the second season. Let’s get into it.

Despite every single character arc during the ten episodes of season 2, the show tends to get a lot of negative comments for the 2nd season. A bunch of fans went to Reddit and started discussing this very topic. Gradually, they found too many mistakes and all of them happen to make sense somehow.

Fans explained the mistakes

Fans seem to really dislike how the second season of the show has depicted the storyline. They explained that nothing made sense during all the 10 episodes of the show and the dialogues of the characters seemed really blunt.

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Moreover, Netflix’s Locke & Key series has got very mixed reviews as fans expected more from this season. They have spent quite a bit of time hashing over the mistakes of the show. The series has got a lot of plot holes from the very beginning and the script isn’t up to the mark as well. One Reddit user raised a question regarding the plot holes and others agreed and expressed their similar opinions about the errors in the script.

Fans explained mistakes

They raised questions regarding the perceived plot holes of the show. One Reddit user brought up questions like why don’t any of them ask questions to their great grandparents when they find new keys? In spite of knowing Eden (Hallea Jones) has the key to the well house, why didn’t Lucas tell everyone? When Josh (Felix Mallard) saw the dollhouse was on fire, why didn’t he do anything? All of the members of the show didn’t do anything about Eden and let her go to the well house so that they can make a third season. Audiences also criticized how bland Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira and Griffin Gluck) and Nina Locke’s (Darby Stanchfield) roles were.

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