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Loki: 19 Glorious Tweets About Episode 5

Loki Episode 5 was released last Wednesday and is the second last episode. Fans are absolutely loving the series and we all are secretly hoping that it lasts with us for another episode, and then another. But meanwhile fans have been showing their love for the fifth episode through tweets and they are GLORIOUS! So, let’s take a look at these glorious tweets about Episode 5 and feel a little less sad.

But before you scroll down, SPOILERS ALERT!

1. What else can one expect with so many Lokis around. After all, he doesn’t like to talk much now, does he?

2. These scenes and the beautiful shots are glorious. Also, we cannot leave the music out. Everything works like a magic together.

3. Loki got me thinking about all the different possibilities of defeating Thanos. This one is hilarious and, also, it would’ve been great if it would’ve worked that way.

4. This explains it quite well, doesn’t it?

5. Loki targeting Loki be like:

6. Haha! I was kinda expecting more of them.

7. That was totally uncalled for! Aren’t we all always looking forward to the post credit scenes?

8. The pain is real, though. We want more of them.

9. This sums it all- Lokis being there for Lokis.

10. They have been adorable and I, honestly, didn’t see this coming.

11. This was all of us and the reaction, indeed, cannot be more apt.

12. It is the best show, in all aspects. And it is making an easy way into our hearts.

13. The cinematography did it all. The magic was really there.

14. So many fans have taken the platform to admire the episode and the show. This is merely the tip of the iceberg.

15. Truly! And also, look for Loki’s reactions to all the variants’ actions. Hilarious!

16. This fan art is beautiful. Also, Sylvie and Loki make a great team and we wish to see more of them.

17. Yes, indeed. Because there is so much to think about after the fifth episode, waiting for the next one isn’t going to be as hard as it always is.

18. This was gold! What was your reaction after watching this scene?

19. This moment too, was gold. The chemistry between the two was rightly depicted and needless to say, the actors have done a fabulous job.

So, these were some of the glorious tweets about Episode 5. Fans are pouring their heartfelt reactions about the fifth episode on Twitter and all of this is simply the tip of the iceberg. Fans are loving its creation for everything, cinematography, writing, cast, music, and, of course, for all the Lokis. Tell us what you think of Episode 5 in the comments.

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Written by FandomWire Staff