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Loki: 23 Hilarious Season Finale Tweets That Will Make You Realize You Don’t Know WTF You Just Saw

Check out these hilarious tweets of the Loki season finale which made all of us go like, “LOL WTF?”. In all seriousness, Loki Season 1 is all wrapped up, and there is a lot to unfold. But before we rack our brains and jump to conclusions, let’s take a moment to have a good laugh.

Take a look at these amusing Loki season finale tweets that will instantly make you realize you don’t know just WTF you saw:

Loki season finale tweets

Straight Warning: massive spoilers ahead.

1. Multiverse Of Madness goes wild, Loki

2. What we wanted v/s what we got


3. ‘Miss minutes’ at the start of the episode

4. Loki and Sylvie, when miss minutes showed up

5. Our expression after watching the last episode of Loki

6. Strange checking the timeline after episode 6. ( Ha-ha LOL, can anything be funnier than this)

7. Dr. strange cleaning up the mess Wanda and Loki made

8. Basically, the last episode of Loki

9. Loki thinking to himself: I may have Gf in one of these timelines.

10. Phase 4 could get crazier (Damn, this is hilarious)

11. Sylvie, after killing ‘He Who Remains’ and realizing he wasn’t lying

12. Ravonna, during the finale

13. The scene v/s the cameraman

14. The ending we wanted vs. what we got. (Yes, can’t deny we all wanted to see Loki and Mobius bond a little more.)

15. The timeline may be ending, but the drip doesn’t die.

16. That kiss was unexpected

17. Mobius on his jet ski wasn’t witnessed

18. The Loki finale packed with immense surprises took our breath away

19. Taika Waititi would never do that.

20.Doctor Strange, when he wakes up to see all the mess that Wanda and Loki have created

21. The aftermath of Sylvie stabbing Kang.

22. The overlapping voices in the intro hit us deep

23. Spiderman ‘No Way Home’ plot after the events of Loki episode 6.

The finale episode of Loki, titled ‘For All Time Always,’ set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki continues the after-effects of the film Avengers: Endgame. The ‘He who remains’ character-revealing himself as Kang, audiences were surprised and excited for the end since the beginning of the season.

Written by FandomWire Staff