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Loki: 26 Hilarious Tweets About The Premiere

Loki has been one of the most awaited series Marvel was bringing out. And it doesn’t surprise us that Loki’s premiere is the most-watched premiere on Disney plus. The story plot already had so many speculations that to finally see the series premiere on screen successfully made Wednesday a Friday (if you know what I mean) ;). After the premiere, it was going to be very unlikely not to see memes flooding on Twitter. So we decided to compile them in our post. Nothing beats a good laugh. Have fun! Here are 26 hilarious tweets about Loki premiere.

Loki: 26 Hilarious Tweets About The Premiere
Loki premiere

Also, before you proceed, SPOILER ALERT! 

1. The ride begins with this hilarious tweet

2. I am sure everyone can relate to this:

3. This one might not put a smile on their smile, but it sure does on ours.

4. What is better than a brilliant crossover?

5. One of the hilarious tweets about Loki premiere


7. Spoiler Alert!!!

8. What was your reaction after seeing the stones in Casey’s drawer?

9. Not the Mephisto theory again, please.

10. This one got me good!

11. Somethings only work in TV shows and movies

12. First Zemo, now Loki! It’s a treat to the eyes to see him dance like that.

13. Every day problems crossed with Loki, priceless!

14. Pretty sure that these were their reactions. Also, how good is the meme?

15. This one is too accurate.

16. Are there new gauntlets, too, in TVA?

17. Every person experiencing existential crisis ever, be like:

18. Next few Wednesdays are going to be the most fun ones.

19. Thanks to this scene and Loki premiere, we saw Chris Evans in Captain America’s costume again.

20. This one is just to bring a smile to your face. How charming is Tom Hiddleston?

21. That question raises the existential crisis again

22. This one has to be one of the most hilarious yet adorable tweets about Loki premiere

23. Mobius got not chill! This had me ROFL!!

24. Not just them, that was us too. The meme perfectly describes the emotions, though.

25. Yep, not a villain. Mobius sees him as a cat.

26. And the last one on the list perfectly sums up how we felt about the premiere.

These were some of the most hilarious and relatable tweets about Loki premiere. And we are loving every bit of these. So far the premiere has got all our attention and this all the true fans are thinking about. We really can’t wait for Wednesdays now. Hope you enjoyed these, too.

Written by FandomWire Staff