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Loki Episode 4: What Does That After Credit Scene Mean? (SPOILERS)

Disney+’s newest Marvel series, Loki, has proven to be an extremely important story for the future of the MCU. But the show’s most recent episode titled The Nexus Event may have a bigger impact on the future of the MCU than expected. And that’s thanks primarily to the series’ first post credits scene.

Fans who were eagerly awaiting the introduction of the multiverse in WandaVision were left disappointed when no such event occurred. It was reasonable to believe Wanda would open the multiverse through her manipulation of reality. After all, Wanda is said to play a significant role in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel titled In The Multiverse of Madness. While Disney has refused to confirm that the upcoming Spider-Man sequel No Way Home is in fact a Spider-Verse movie, fans are all but certain it will be. But the question has remained… How will the Spider-Verse come to be? Well, Loki may be the answer.

In Loki episode 1 titled Glorious Purpose, we learn that multiple timelines with various alternate versions of individuals exist. The TVA is tasked with maintaining the sacred timeline which keeps these various universes from colliding. But when somebody strays from the sacred timeline’s course, a Nexus Event occurs which could lead to a full blown Multiverse.

In Loki‘s most recent episode, as Loki and Sylvie sit and bond in what they believe will be the final moments of their lives, the TVA is alerted to the occurrence of a new Nexus Event at their location. It’s unclear what exactly caused the Nexus Event, but if left untreated the timelines could fall off course and collide.

During a battle in the Time Keepers’ chamber, Loki is “pruned.” He appears to be killed, disintegrated in a glowing blue flash. But, this is Loki and he never seems to truly die. Besides, this is his series and there are still two more episodes, so he can’t be gone for good. Fans who stayed tuned through the credits were surely ecstatic at what was revealed in the short post credit scene.

Loki awakens on the ground, disoriented and confused. He asks out loud, “Is this hell? Am I dead?” A voice answers from off screen. “Not yet.” the voice answers, “But you will be unless you come with us.” Loki looks up, stunned. As the camera cuts to the voice, we see something truly amazing. Multiple versions of Loki. There is an older Loki wearing a comic book accurate green and gold costume. There is a younger Loki who is holding… an Alligator Loki? And a large, black Loki who appears to be wielding an alternate version of Mjollnir, Thor’s hammer.

This is a groundbreaking moment and it sets the stage for both Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: No Way Home. By bringing multiple versions of Loki together the series is paving the way for the Spider-Verse. The next two episodes are going to be some truly exciting television and set the path for the MCU’s Phase 4.

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Written by Joshua Ryan

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