Loki Season 2 Finale Leaves MCU Fans With 5 Unsolved Puzzles

Fans are confused with the finale episode of Loki Season 2.

Loki Season 2 Finale Leaves MCU Fans With 5 Unsolved Puzzles


  • Loki Season 2 has finally wrapped up and fans are left with a lot of questions.
  • Many wondered what would become of the titular character in the future.
  • Viewers also noticed a lot intriguing details that need more explanation.
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The season finale of Loki provided more burning questions for fans than conclusions, seemingly suggesting that there are more things to discuss in future installments if the third season gets a go. So far, the series received a lot of positive responses from viewers.

Sylvie and Loki
Sylvie and Loki

Now, after the final episode of Season 2 rolled out, there are mysteries that need to be debunked. Whether these are meant to anchor the potential third phase or, for whatever reason, made to initiate discussions among fans, these things still live rent-free in their minds.

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What Becomes Of Loki After Season 2?


One of the most asked questions about Loki’s fate is what happens to him now that he has sacrificed himself and is now burdened with a glorious purpose. After all, that was what he always wanted from the beginning of his MCU journey.

A fan from Reddit expressed their confusion about this and asked, “The ending left me with more questions than it answered. I get it, Loki sacrificed himself, and he is now what? God of Time? Is he now the ‘Loom’? Does he have to sit eternally in that chair?” Indeed, there’s more to know about Loki’s destiny after the finale.

Is The Zartan Contingent A Reference To Another Franchise?

the zartan contingent
The Zartan Contingent

After viewers learned that Ke Huy Quan’s Ouroboros has a variant named A.D. Doug who penned The Zartan Contingent, fans are left with another question in mind: who or what is Zartan?


Many fans believed O.B. could be the season’s secret villain. The book was entirely created for the show, but the name surely does ring a bell for avid fans. It could be a reference to G.I. Joe’s Zartan, a shape-shifting character.

Who Leads TVA After Loki Season 2?

ravonna renslayer
Ravonna Renslayer

Now that He Who Remains is wiped out of the picture, viewers want to know who would lead the Time Variance Authority this time. Power and control have been the central themes of the show, and this question is of utmost importance.

The Sacred Timeline splitting into countless branches leaves a vague idea of who would guide the organization. In the recent episodes, Ravonna emerged as a strong contender, so that leaves more questions of whether she will become MCU’s new Kang or not.


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Why Did Young Victor Timely No Longer Possess The Book?

victor timely
Victor Timely

Ravonna and Miss Minutes traveled back in time to the latter half of the 19th century to give Victor Timely a copy of the TVA guidebook. The finale saw a change in timeline which suggests that the book was never given to him.

This meant that things went back to how they were originally, and that Victor never became a part of the TVA’s presence. Still, things happened the way they should be. So why the sudden change in the timeline?


Did He Who Remains Time-Slipped Into Victor Timely?

He Who Remains
He Who Remains

In a scene where Tom Hiddleston’s Loki tried to stop Sylvie, He Who Remains stammered in the same way that Victor Timely would. Not to mention he also boasted to the God of Mischief that he could slip through time.

The show has not yet confirmed this, but it posed a question in the minds of viewers whether characters could really time-slip into their variants’ bodies. Or perhaps He Who Remains only has this capability?

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